My visit to an Asteroid after awakening - by Esther D White

In 2015-16....

I started seeking and asking for help as that was a very difficult time in my life. I can’t say that I didn’t expect to have my request acknowledged but when it happened it happened to me quite astonishingly.

One day I had a VERY powerful experience that transcended all laws of physics- and for me it has become a mission to explore it and understand as much as (humanly) possible about it. It was both physical and transcendental all wrapped up in one package. I found myself- standing in front of a “Red Rock”. It was the size of a small mountain with a flat cliff on the top. The air was moving in colors and light. Almost like there was debris filled with light in the air. Since then I’ve seen an identical cliff to it in Australia.

I looked up and could see a man who had the head of a bird. I’m convinced it was Horus, but that is debatable because of my own lack of knowledge on these subjects. Plus-I’m not sure why it would’ve been him. I just know he looked just like Horus. I could see him on the cliff and He was on a golden bird. The bird spread its wings out and took flight off of this red cliff- He was coming towards me and I knew telepathically he was about to take me somewhere- out of fear, a last minute panic took hold of me and I started to turn away and run. Before I could even move he spoke into me and said- “do not run”- then my body just froze. I wasn’t able to move, but, somehow I knew I wasn’t in any danger, then I became very calm. The next thing I knew I was with him on this bird and we flew away in what felt to be-a southward direction. (I understood that I was traveling south)

We arrived at a pyramid where we were then guided into an entrance. We were guided by a man with an Egyptian headdress on, he would wave his arm moving us in a straight pattern- that’s when I realized I was on a ship- not a bird. But it still felt like a bird to me. It’s things like that-that have left such a lasting impression. It’s a bit confusing still and hard to comprehend but this bird was a living ship. We were guided into a chamber/ room. It was large enough to hold us . Then the wall closed behind us. I saw blue and white light flashing faster and faster then we were suddenly in what looked like the Milky Way, it was an Asteroid belt. Then we came to a specific Asteroid- it was incredible and I understood it. It was a peaceful and loving feeling so strong there- I didn’t want to return to Earth. This beautiful bird being knew I would react this way it knew everything I felt before I felt it. I understand now that I was no where close to their intelligence or evolution. That’s why I couldn’t comprehend their taking the time to help me. That’s how it felt- as though I were being helped somehow. Outside of time, outside of the only bubble of reality that I knew.

While I was there I was shown my little boy, he passed away the month after 911. it was so difficult for me to regain what was a normal existence following his passing. I was shown others in my soul family. I knew who they were through the tops of their heads. Another one of those confusing things I know- but it was through the top of their heads that I could read and understand their energy- their unique signature. That’s how I recognized them. yet this was so foreign to me that it wasn’t making sense to me at all. Even still- I knew it was them. I was not allowed to get to close to them, only to hover above them . They were also aware of my presence. They let me know they still exist and to be at peace. Of all things why this way? I asked them, but I wasn’t given an answer. I begged to stay- to no avail. They very lovingly and gently ignored my childish reactions, I knew deep within I had already been given so much that day. I honestly didn’t understand any of it for a very long time.

My idea of visiting loved ones did NOT in any way look like this to me, I was experiencing something way beyond my comprehension. In other words no pearly gates or familiar biblical history was being shown to me.

Asteroids were Not a thing in my life, honestly none of this was. I couldn’t understand the connection to visiting an Asteroid with a bird being. And seeing my soul family. But I’d found heaven and peace there. I felt more compelled to remain there then to return, yet that was never part the agreement. I was abruptly returned by my beautiful bird being. I believe I was made to fall asleep before returning me- because I didn’t want to come back. They handled me so tenderly I’ve never in my whole life known such loving care. I am so grateful for that day, for the experience.

I will always feel connected to that Asteroid, it is where my love and hope for humanity exists where it was restored in me that day and as tears of loving awe roll down my face, I can honestly say I’ve had more confirmations and experiences than I feel worthy of. Some were even witnessed by others and for that I’m grateful. It’s the reason I’m awake at 3 am often thanking and expressing my love for them- to them. They cared more about me than I even cared about myself at that time. I believe they’re real and, I believe we are very deeply connected to them.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you. I pray it is well received

Blessings to you...

Not very long after this happened I went on a 1- 1/2 Year journey and found myself going through a deep cleansing healing process that was both guided and instructed by other beings.
It was very necessary for me to heal. But at the same time I know they were sharing my vessel to bring energies in. I would end up somewhere and find myself meditating for hours in one location. This was done without question. I still am unpacking these experiences after 5 years.

In gratitude and love...๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’–


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  1. Absolutely stunning and breathtaking to share your experience through your words. Thank you for your growth and for sharing your connection with those of us still waking up and struggling to connect. I pray for spaceships and connection all the time but I’m also very afraid. I beg to see UFOs and to feel some presence around me of my loving soul family but I still don’t feel them like I genuinely wish to.

    Love & Highest Compassion ✨๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ


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