Command 12 21 testimonies and resources

In the post "Planetary Initiation" written by Cobra on August 12th, 2020, we learnt that the Light Forces are finally able to reach the surface of the planet with their positive quantum Mjolnir technologies and assist the Lightworkers and Lightwarrors. A special Surface Task Force has been formed on the motherships of the Light Forces, with global teams working on the planetary energy grid, and personal teams working on assisting the individual Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, monitoring and evaluating their development and preparing them for Contact.

If you wish a personal team to be formed for you and assist you, you need to say the following protocol aloud three times: 
“ Command 12 21” (pronounced Command Twelve Twenty one).  
The first time you say this, a personal team will be formed, and each time you invoke the protocol after that, you personal team will check your status and help whenever and however they can.

Therefore, we have opened this page so that everyone can provide their testimonies of this command, as well as resources for people to share this command. Please feel free to provide your testimonies in the comment section below.

If you have created any flyers, images or videos for Command 12 21 protocol, you may contact us at or if you would like to add your resources to this page.

Victory of the Light! 

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  1. I feel they are part of our soul family. When I invoke it, I always feel fresh breeze with bless beautifully. Our relationship is more like workmates and family members. I often ask them to remind me of important decisions or help me clean my mental programming. Love working with them!


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