Contact with Higher dimensional Light ships and beings from beyond the veil - by Maria

I had an interesting dream that our solar system was within what seemed like a giant space shuttle, for any ship that tried to come in, they send out these silver rectangular flat discs with lasers in the front (For safety).

I observed of a ship that came in from the outskirts and it was round and silver, flashing in and out of existence and very similar to a large lightship. It was definitely not technology that we have ever seen on the planet before.

From the ship emerged large animal type beings that could communicate via telepathy and they were standing on two feet alongside a smaller being who  small with grey blueish skin, friendly and large eyes, no hair just covered in skin. He looked like a scientist, the whole crew felt like healers almost and they were on a mission.

I remember wondering if it was a parallel world that I found myself in or a clearing or a vision? A past life experience?

No, I am now sure I was there in my Etheric Body and that it was very real.

I remember walking on a ship, almost as if the shuttle was a whole ship and the crew within it were trained to protect the solar system from any outsiders no matter what. I remember a spiral staircase and one of the crew members running as fast as they could to bring the news of the new arrival on the outside.

The beings that arrived in the lightship were just standing in Space, they could breathe without needing oxygen. It was then that I knew they too were in the ethereal state and that is why I could see them and communicate with them.

I remember I was telling them who was onboard the ship, almost as if I was there but wasn't, just an observer. I was a third party spirit who guided them in my ethereal presence. I felt I was asked to be an ambassador for their arrival.

The new arrivals wanted to know if it would be safe to enter and they wanted to make their presence known. They wanted all weapons shut off. It was as if there was no choice for them to enter within the quarantine solar system. They had to come in and negotiations was out of the question. They were ranked on the highest level of space clearance to travel wherever they wanted to be and was not living according to the rules of restricted flight.

What was interesting to me was that the crew was unaware that there might be friendly beings coming in. Almost as if they are put through something or a program to make them believe there is no one else out there. This may have been the case and that they were not informed or ready for the new arrivals from outside the solar system. The crew felt human like and were specialists that were trained to guard our solar system.

Inside the space shuttle, on the outskirts of our solar system, it was very Modern and very futuristic looking. It had elevators and hallways with silver railings on the sides, most areas seemed white. Very detailed designs were shown to me as I observed the entire structure.

I had an interesting theory that perhaps most of us who are on the surface of the planet, or the awakened ones as some would say, were maybe among  the ones who came on those light ships and maybe our memories got cleared in some way for safety in a past life, and now is the time for all to remember again so that we can all help bring this solar system back to the natural multiverse and free all within from the control that has lingered within. Maybe you will know who you are.

Another feeling that came forth was that the large space station was built to help clear the veil that was build around our planet, to keep all within and that this is what all the Light Forces have been working so hard on to dissolve. The people who were working within the space shuttle was free'd a while ago before I arrived and they were also asked to help all of humanity and all beings who reside here.

May All be Free and May the Will of Source manifest on earth.

In Love and Light



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