Experience with spheres of light in August of 2018 - by Esther D White

 A shared experience with spheres of light in August of 2018.

One day I was outside meditating in the backyard. 

It was in August of 2018. 

At that time I lived with my best friend Dori, and her two children Noah, and Erica. 

That particular day Dori’s daughter- Erica who was 17 at that time happened to be in the back yard with me.

She and her boyfriend were swimming in the pool. I was sitting on a towel in the yard meditating.

As I finished meditating, I opened my eyes- looked up and saw an opening between the two trees directly in front of me directly over my head.

I spotted movement- shiny objects that were spheres in shape.

I tried to zoom in on what I was looking at and, that’s when I saw these lights beaming in the spheres they were the size of a baseball. 

They looked like bubbles because they were clear but had light in the center of them. They would beam bright and dim a very white light. There were hundreds of thousands of them coming in from one side of the sky and flowing into another part of the sky. 

They were literally flowing from nowhere and going into nowhere. 

Then disappearing when they reached certain point on the other side of this procession. 

I was so excited 😆 called Erica over to see them. I thought She would be excited, but she couldn’t see anything and to top it off she thought I was going crazy- she said they were only cottonwood seeds floating by. 
That’s when I realized that she wasn’t able to see them. It just went on and on for almost thirty minutes they streamed through above my head. 

I was really shocked and confused about what I was looking at exactly but I knew it was happening.
Don’t know why I didn’t go get me phone and take a pic. I usually had my phone with me.

So, when my best friend got home her daughter m- Erica told her mother that I was seeing things earlier in the backyard and she thought I might be losing it. They poked fun at me and joked around about it which I was honestly very ok with. I knew it sounded crazy.

I didn’t care if they didn’t believe me or if she couldn’t see them, I knew they were there earlier and I knew they were not only alive but intelligent. 

They were perfect spheres of light. 
I watched several of them break away and fly down from the other spheres over to a branch and sit on a leaf and then quickly bounce up from the leaf and travel back up to this rolling river of spheres and re-join the others. I knew they were alive. 

I have to admit that it felt a bit lonely and strange being the only one at that point who had actually witnessed them. 
I couldn’t get them off my mind the rest of that night. I knew I’d witnessed something extra ordinary.
The very next morning- I woke up still thinking about these incredible bubbles of light. I quickly got out of bed and went out into the garage where my best friend Dori was. 

She was drinking her morning tea having her morning cigarette and rocking in her rocking chair.
I was so pumped about those spheres I found myself telling her all about the bubbles of light again. 

Dori rocked in her chair listening to me she really wanted to believe me.... But, I could tell she wasn’t really sure how to react to it. 

She kept looking at me funny or at least I felt like she was... 

I must admit, I was disappointed that she was struggling to believe me. 

I remember telling her- I wish you could’ve seen them Dori. You would be so amazed!

I told her she needed to see it to believe it.

That when suddenly I had this strong urge to go back outside into the backyard where it had all happened... I finally got enough nerve up to ask her to just-please humor me and go outside with me? 

I asked her once more and more seriously that time Dori, please let’s go right now into the backyard to see if maybe just one of them would be there. At this point I went from not caring to needing her to go with me.

So reluctantly but willingly she stood up to go with me to the backyard. She later said she knew I wouldn’t be satisfied until she did. 

So, I said to her- if there is just (one) back there I would be so happy because it would prove I wasn’t seeing things. 
I don’t know how I knew they would be there but I knew they would! 

So off to the backyard we went.

We walked around the side of the house and walked up a slight hill leveling off into the largest part of the yard.... it was an open area with y’all trees all around but there’s a good 3/4 acre clearing at the top.

I believe we both spotted it at the same time and it was nothing short of exhilarating to lay eyes on the sphere again. 

There floating across the yard up in air about 8 feet was ONE☝️sphere/bubble.

Only one! Just like I had said I had hoped for- It was a white white light inside. It would go bright and dim 

She followed it all the way across one side of the yard staring at it the whole time as it slowly moved just above her head directly in front of her line of sight. I was right behind her to one side staring at it also- we both followed it barely speaking as we watched we were in a bit of shock. 

I had to ask her the question- Dori-do you see it? She quickly replied yes and it was music to my ears.

Suddenly without any warning it it vanished right before our eyes and when it vanished it left a grey ring around the place it was hovering. 

I have seen that grey ring before, it happens when things go inter-dimensional. 
One thing I’m sure of- She will never and cannot deny what she saw. 

She still struggles to comprehend it as do I. 

But at the same time I am so thrilled that one of them came back. I don’t know why it came back-if it was because I wanted it so badly or what but it happened, someone else saw it and that was all that really mattered 

They communicated with me also-they said they were- all friends. During that time there was a low vibrating hum that went on all summer it sounded like a jet engine on high idle the sound was going all the time. That was also the summer when these huge butterflies showed up. That was an extraordinary year because it was like a tuning into a different vibration and the practice of meditation began to air on new and wonderful experiences that sometimes were physical and observable to the naked eye.

I’ve not seen them again but I’m eternally grateful that they showed up that day.

Love and peace to all 



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