A dream I had of a spaceship - by Maria Treviño Santos

I was with my family: my husband, my daughter and my son. I was looking at a metallic sliding door that opened, and then, we entered a place that looked like a medium-sized apartment, like a big hotel suite. But this place was very simple, instead of normal walls there were crystal walls on every side, with which you could see outside. At first glance, it seemed like that place was a skyscraper with a panoramic view. Inside this apartment there was a sofa, a table with 4 chairs, and two doors leading to bedrooms. As soon as we entered, I fell on the sofa, because I felt very tired. In the dream, I knew that they had taken us there as refugees. We carried two small suitcases, with clothes for two or three days, for until the danger passed. It was raining a lot, I could see through those glass walls, similar to large windows, that in the outside there was a very intense storm or rain.

I knew that we had been walking all day from one place to another without resting, and for that reason, I felt very tired. But my daughter, who is very young, began to browse the rooms and look around all over the place, commenting on what was there. I could see that the sliding door through which we had entered was metallic, and had remained open. Outside, there was a corridor through which people were passing by, they were also coming to that place to take refuge and they were assigned a space, just like us. I could see that outside it was pouring rain, it was quite a heavy rain, very intense. The day was gray and cloudy, but I was not afraid, because I knew that we were safe, and I felt calm.

When I felt rested, I stood up and looked around and told my daughter: “Be careful! Don't slip!”, because the floor was made of an unknown material to me, and in the corner where the glass walls and the floor connected, there was a slope. The floor wasn’t even; it was curved, lowering a little when arriving at the wall. So we could not touch the walls, only see through them. I would look out and try to see the height of the place we were in, but I could not see the ground, so I deduced that we were very high off the ground. I told my daughter: “If you slip around here and you reach the glass walls, they can break.” But my daughter answered me: "Dad says they can't break because they have metallic supports that hold it up". Then, I leaned down towards the walls, which resembled large windows, and I saw there were some metallic bars similar to steel, supporting the walls.

That was what I dreamed, and I remember it because it was already the morning when I had that dream and I woke up. After I woke up, It didn’t cross my mind that I had been on a space-ship, but I told my husband about the dream and he told me: “I think it was a space-ship”, and now that I think about it, I think it could have been a space-ship too.


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