My vision of the Event and post-Event society – by LWStarGazer

The Event will come.

I'm sure of it.

There is no doubt about it, because not once in this cycle of creation, has a single galaxy skipped its pulse, its galactic heartbeat.

I know that I've seen it happen many times on other worlds in other galaxies, but I consciously remember only a few. The memories are hazy, but stable enough to give hope to the older generation of Starseeds, who have lost all faith of the Event happening in their lifetimes.

It will happen, do not give up.

I remember being in an intergalactic space, observing either a spiral or a lenticular galaxy. We were waiting to see its galactic heartbeat. That galaxy was not occupied by the dark forces and the presence of the primary anomaly did not cause an uncontrollable chaos, so the heartbeat served its natural function: to further the evolution of all life in that particular galaxy, to enhance the collective galactic consciousness and to strengthen the connection of all galactic inhabitants with Source.
When the pulse happened, it started at the center, at its Central Sun. As it spread from the Central Sun to the edge of that galaxy, it changed colours. The first one-third of the shockwave/pulse, shone with brilliant white light, because the highest concentration of Light is usually located near the galactic core/Central Sun. The next two-thirds of that shockwave changed colours, from white to rainbow colours. It was an amazing display. I felt such joy seeing this, like seeing the snow for the first time in your life. (Galactic pulses always start within the center of galaxies, the Galactic Central Suns of each and every galaxy are stargates to Source and these Galactic Central Suns trigger the pulse/Galactic Event of their respective galaxies. The shockwave I described is basically seen as such only from a distance, however if you move closer, you will see, that is not just a wave of energy, that is traveling from the core to the edge of the galaxy, but that the stars themselves are the carriers of that galactic pulse – as if all the stars lit up even more brightly in a sequence, like the fans at some sports game that get up from their chairs and sit back down when their team scores.

I remember another Event that happened in the Andromeda galaxy around 8 million years ago, some time after the spread of evil began and the first invasions by the dark forces started happening. This Event served as a liberation assistance for that occupied planet. I was on the surface of that planet and witnessed that Event firsthand. I was in a different body at the time, a member of a completely different form of life, existing on at least 5D. In the 5D, one can literally see the explosion of light, that usually comes from the local sun/star and engulfs the entire planet in a blinding flash of light. You cannot resist this energy, it is one of the most fulfilling experiences one can experience. However, the energy does not come from the local star alone, but the planet also triggers its own core and releases its own energy, albeit in a much smaller scale compared to the local star. So the energy travels from the sky (star) towards the core of the planet and also from the core of the planet, passing through the planetary surface towards the ionosphere. The dark forces were obliterated from that planet.

I have always imagined experiencing the Event on Earth as a blinding flash of light, because that is the strongest memory of the Event I remember from that time in the Andromeda galaxy. But, since the blinding flash of Light will most probably be seen only from the higher dimensional planes, I hope that my Higher Self will at least send me a glimpse of that bright wave of Light when it hits the higher dimensional planes of the Earth's surface.

This is my visualization of the moment of the Event:

Our Sun brightens up and the energy of the Event reaches the Earth’s surface. Every awakened Starseed experiences the Earth's Event to the fullest and most fulfilling potential, they can feel the energy of the galactic pulse fully and let the energy flow through their physical bodies, acting as a carrier or a transmitter, that will evenly spread this energy in their local area to the rest of the unawakened surface population. Every awakened Starseed finally experiences the Event that we've all been waiting for so long, some of us for more than one lifetime, feeling the biggest joy we have ever felt after being trapped in this quarantine for way longer than expected. Every non-awakened Starseed experiences this energy in a way, that will wake them up fully and reconnect them with their Higher Self and their higher purpose, hopefully, they will also experience the ecstatic energy and quickly remember their previous lifetimes as extraterrestrial beings. As for the surface population, that is completely asleep, I hope that even the most stubbornly asleep ones experience at least something tangible, something they have never experienced before, something that will make them know, that a very important thing has transpired and that it is felt as the most empowering moment of their lives. It is my wish that every being on this world experiences this energy consciously, I hope that not one being stays excluded from this wonderful feeling.

The Event happens around noon hours in East Asia, Australia and the rest of Oceania, in early morning hours in Europe and Africa and in the evening/late afternoon hours in both Americas (*note: this is only my visualization, not actual confirmed intel of any kind). It obliterates the remaining toplet bombs and ends the quarantine. The Light Forces from above, below and from the surface of the planet rush in full force and remove all remaining dark personnel. All TV and radio stations, live YouTube channels and other websites start reporting immediately about what is happening.

My visualization of the post-Event period on Earth:

All wars/conflicts end. The Sisterhood of the Rose groups from around the world gather immediately and start performing much needed meditations and most importantly, channel the Goddess energies of calm and peace as they will be in high demand in the first few days to weeks after the Event as the rest of the surface population may panic. These will be marathon-like meditations, but they’ll be worth it. All members of the Sisterhood of the Rose groups will be excused for missing their regular matrix jobs, as these jobs will no longer be necessary in due time. The Event Support Groups get activated and assist the surface Light Forces in distributing the most important basic necessities to the surface population. In a few days after the Event, the distribution of free energy devices and household replicators begin. In my visualization, every human being on Earth gets a personal replicator within one month’s time after the Event. The entire transition will not be slow as some people expect; slowing down the tempo and progress is the way of the dark forces, not of the Light – the changes will be swift, there will be no delays as we are experiencing them now. Also, first Islands of Light infrastructures are being built by the surface Alliance/Light Forces. 

In the first few weeks, the collective human consciousness starts to get deprogrammed from the most common matrix society principles and programs: the need to work to survive, the dumbing down trends, unnecessary religions, etc. In the coming months, the pre-Event school curriculum drastically changes, scientists get educated further about the real and suppressed laws of physics and other fields of science. Disclosure is in full swing. Prohibited inventions are presented to humanity, like medbeds, teleportation devices and flying cars. True Earth’s and Solar system’s history is revealed. All ecosystems are being healed and cleaned of pollution. There are first glimpses and flyovers of advanced high vibrational extraterrestrial cloudships/starships in our skies. Those, who are ready, start experiencing Personal First Contacts with extraterrestrial beings landing on their properties. These people then go on and report about their experiences on TV and radio stations, or on live YouTube channels. Those Starseeds that will want to live in the Islands of Light on the surface of the planet or on stationary space stations or spaceships in the Earth’s orbit, will have all requirements to move to their chosen area of accommodation together with their twin souls, soul mates and soul families, so they can start working on their group or individual ascension process. Those Starseeds that will choose to leave this Solar system immediately, will be allowed to do so. The rest of humanity starts accepting the undeniable fact that our cosmic family is real and this paves the way for the Official First Contact, that happens around a year after the Event at the United Nations Headquarters. On this historical day, the planet Earth is officially accepted into the Milky Way’s Galactic Network of Light. New extraterrestrial races present themselves to humanity, at first those, who are physically closer to us. At a later time, new and exotic forms of life will make themselves known.

The collective consciousness of humanity goes through the main and longest transition phase from an entropic society to a society, which is opened and in harmony with the rest of the galaxy and the universe. Humanity gets educated about the basic higher knowledge and meditational healing techniques. Everyone connects with their spiritual guides and their Higher Selves. All surface cities start to change, the architecture gets more aligned with the sacred geometry, and also integrates nature to the best of its ability. All structures are futuristic and very beautiful. Space travel becomes available to anyone.

People start doing what they want to do in their lives, behave like they want to, love whomever they wish, experience anything they want. There are no more limitations for anyone. People are free to travel where they want, and live the way they want to live. If they wish to contribute their unique skills and talents to the society, they are free to do so in any way they like. All contributions, even the smallest ones, are highly regarded, welcomed and respected. If they are not yet ready to contribute to society and, I don’t know, only want to travel the world or just live in peace for a while, they are free to do so and are not shunned for this. Their basic necessities will not be taken away, as food security, clothing and shelter will become the basic norm of our new society. 

In 3 – 5 years after the Event, the first wave of ascension process takes place. Around 6 to 8 years after the Event, the second wave of ascension process takes place. Around 9 to 11 years after the Event, the third and final wave of ascension process takes place (*note: this is only my visualization, not actual confirmed intel of any kind).

A few months after the third wave, the rest of non-ascended native Earth humanity leaves with spaceships to a suitable 3D planet, to continue with their evolution. The Earth prepares for the final cleanse in a form of a tsunami wave, that will sweep away the final leftovers of the dark occupation. I stand at the edge of the cloud city – orbital platform together with my twin flame and observe the tsunami as it moves across the globe (I am still getting this personal future moment of me standing high above the surface and observing the wave via my Higher Self almost every day). The only cities, that are left on the surface are the Islands of Light and those few historical man-made cities, that are located on the important planetary vortexes, which will become the Cities of Light. Earth raises its frequency from 3D to 5D. The transition is complete. A new advanced society takes its first breath, referred to by many as the ''New Atlantis''.

It is my wish that everyone experiences the Event the way they wish to experience it and that there is as little transitional chaos as possible. I hope that after the Event, everyone starts living their dreams and finds pure joy and fulfilment in their lives. May our visions of the Event come true as soon as possible!

Victory of the Light!!!



  1. Thank you! Its in synchronicity with my visions as well. I have so many projects that are only viable in a post-Event-society . And I've had them long before getting concious about the Transition to 5D :D

  2. thank you, Cobra brought me here

  3. I love the description(s). I am bookmarking this URL. I am not so sure about seeking my alleged twin flame. It so happens I love my husband greatly so I am not so sure about the twin flame idea. That will be a wait-&-see.

  4. That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing

  5. Hope it gets here sooner than later.

    I'm MORE than ready to hitch a ride with the ET's and get OFF this useless lump of rock...I did MY part already, I paid my dues, as it were.

  6. i just dont understand a thing.. there will be a complete reestructuration off the world(include sacred geometry buid in the cities) just for about a decade after the event all be destroyed by a tsunami?

    1. I guess the reconstruction is to allow as many people as possible to ascend. That is the purpose of the Event. It's very hard to ascend when you have to constantly fight for survival in the 3d matrix.
      And the wave will come to purify the planet after all 3d humans have ascended or left because Gaia wants to ascend as well and we're holding her back.

  7. beware of those who bring false gifts and who violate their promises

  8. Mulțumim Cobra. Victoria Lumini. Namaste.

  9. This is lovely and really strikes a cord with me. I've enjoyed rereading it and sharing it many times now. :)

  10. Ah grazie mille per la tua splendida visione. E come diciamo qui a napoli
    Bocca tua santa🙏❤️😊

  11. Just came across this site, nothing is by chance. Surely rings truth in my heart. I'll keep the fires on Earth glowing awaiting the change. It is long overdue with me.

  12. Franchement magnifique vision et sachant que l'imagination + pensée sont nos outils de creation, un grand merci ^pour ton partage. lumiere amour.

  13. Magnifique visualisation vraiment très inspirant, ça fait rêver merci beaucoup !


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