Dreams about the Event, a Draco/Cabal attack and a false flag alien attack staged by the Dark - by Lars Jönsson

17th August, I had a dream about the Event finally taking place. That was the very first time I dreamt about it and I saw a very bright star (almost like this one: 🌟) moving slowly across the sky, from left to the right, originating from something that looked like a portal or cosmic window of some kind. There were a few people standing just beside me, and they were all amazed by the rare spectacle taking place in the sky. I remember myself saying ”-Yes, it’s really beautiful but I can’t believe the Event just happened”.

I didn’t get any feeling of the time aspect though, just got a strong feeling of great relief afterwards.

The last nights (10-11th September) I've had some really vivid dreams about what might happen in a near future. For two days in a row, I dreamt that the Dracos had staged a false flag alien attack. In one of the dreams (the one I remembered most details from), people were crying and panicing and it was a complete chaos all over the place as the mainstream media reported about ”a force of an unknown origin that had attacked and destroyed two ”radar stations”. I remembered myself saying loud: "-I told you so and now it's happening". At the same moment, I got goosebumps on my arms as I knew this meant the Light Forces would intervene and finally put an end of the reign of the dark forces.

This night (12th September) I had a another dream where myself and someone else where chased by some dark beings, so we ran to a small vessel and flew away very quickly to try to escape. In some way I knew we were attacked with some kind of scalar weapon, so we defended ourselves with something that felt like a sonic/sound technology that was activated by pinching on a touch screen, which made it possible to zoom and fire off agains these beings in order to defend ourselves.

These dreams are so much more real than any dreams I've had before and I find it really difficult to go back to the "reality" again.


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