Pleiadian energetic clarification of soul relationships - by LWStargazer

On Monday, January 3rd 2022, I had an interesting energetic download during a meditation and it was actually a continuation of a similar connection from a few years ago. It’s not easy to describe, it felt like a partial kundalini rise when it happened, but I managed to get in a profound energetic contact with Pleiadeans. They wished to convey something particular to me in regards to soul family relationships, specifically about polyamorous relationships. Please use discernment while reading this, I had to interpret a lot of things and I still have certain belief systems of my own, which might be the result of societal programming.

When Cobra published articles about sexual energy and soul families in 2018, many people were shocked, including me, about how malevolent forces supressed the expression of love in men and women through opposite implants and programming. I was wondering myself if I was going through a cognitive dissonance, which is when you refuse to accept an idea which contradicts your beliefs, since it was written that women were programmed into monogamy and I admit, I did not like the idea of being in a relationship with multiple people at once. I asked my Higher Self many times over into which category I’ll belong after my horizontal implant is dissolved and my programming removed, as I was determined (I still am) that I’ll form a sacred union with my twin soul and not polyamorous relationships. I was wondering how can polyamorous relationships even express love to multiple people at once, because it was my belief that this is not true love at all. I was pondering about this a lot as the months went by and sometime in 2019/20, I had a first sort of telepathic and emotional contact with Pleiadians, through which I could see what polyamorous relationships even look like. I’ve sort of seen and felt their perspective on this at the time and got some understanding about it, so that I could somewhat accept that some extraterrestrial cultures form polyamorous connections within soul families. After that short “sneak peak”, I was asking my Higher Self all the time what kind of relations I formed before coming into the incarnational loop on Earth. I have several strong memories of the key things I’ve done and accomplished throughout my existence in this universe, as I was involved with liberating sections of space occupied by the dark forces, but have little clear remembrance of the particular relationships that I formed all those long lifetimes ago. I had this strong sensation from my subconscious and unconscious mind that I mostly committed myself to single-partner relationships (sacred unions) throughout my different lifetimes on different alien worlds, but on the other hand, I was wondering if this feeling was a programming of the malevolent forces. At one point I decided to let it all rest and that Pleiadian telepathic/emotional experience I had was left forgotten.

On Monday last week, this remembrance was rekindled. I was meditating and after a while my sacral and heart chakras connected by themselves (other chakras were also fired up). I wasn’t even focusing on them being connected, I was meditating with a completely different intention. I felt love and sexual energies fusing and Pleiadians just came through. It didn’t last long, maybe some 15 min, maybe less, I can’t remember how long exactly, but their connection wasn’t interfering at all with my meditation, so I let all things flow through me and didn’t resist them tuning in. This wasn’t just an energetic connection, it was a download of all thoughts, emotions, intentions, experiences, all packed in a conglomerate of energies simplified enough for my 3D mind to understand and process, like a zip file. The energy flow was amazing. At the same time, there was a somewhat clearer connection established with my Higher Self than usual, so that I could experience everything from a neutral perspective and not confuse their energies with my own. Keep in mind that all questions that I’ve had during this download, weren’t conveyed to them by asking them in my mind, I had an idea, emotion, intention that was instantly answered in equal manner accompanied by visual and emotional energetic flow, this way you can ask and get answers about a lot of things in a very short period of time.

Pleiadians showed me again what an open polyamorous relationship looks like with members of the same soul family. I could feel what they felt. The love they share amongst each other is no less true than the one shared within a sacred union of only two partners, they simply love more than one equally powerfully. They all share strong bonds with one another. From what I could understand it’s not that there are no twin soul pairs in such circles, there are, but a twin soul pair may choose to experience intimacy with others as well and still remain bonded with one another – those are polyamorous pairs. As far as jealousy is concerned, it’s non-existing up there, all interactions come from pure soul intentions.

I had many doubts, questions in my mind as someone from the surface of the Earth regarding this. I admit, if I were in a relationship or were married, I wouldn’t want my boyfriend/husband to be with someone else as well, as I’m sure a lot people feel this way, marriage is after all sacred and should not be torn apart. To my surprise I learned that someone, who is inclined towards forming open polyamorous relationships, would not intimately interact with someone who is inclined towards forming a sacred union relationship with only one partner. They don’t do this, as it cannot be done when someone is completely devoted to their sole partner. When there is a soul intention to stay with only one partner, they cannot be seduced from one another, so there are no conditions for love jealousy to even form, as possibility that a completely devoted sacred union couple would break up due to seduction by a third party, does not exist. When this happens on the surface of the Earth, it is in the majority of cases engineered by the Archons with one of the partners (or both) being implant triggered. I know that this is an extremely simplified view, causes for this are way more complex and there are many factors involved, but infidelities are in most cases a result of Archon interferences in order to destroy happy couples and there are also people out there that basically live for the thrill to go out and seduce and destroy relationships/families on purpose. They do this for sport and are driven by implants and negative programming, but this is not happening within liberated and non-supressed communities that are based on soul love, such behaviour does not exist within benevolent ET civilizations.

Since I’m inclined towards forming a sacred union relationship with my twin soul, Pleiadians showed me also a glimpse of their sacred union pairs, partners fully committed to one another without forming open relationships with others. “How do they interact and transfer their love and sexual energy to other members of their own soul family who might be polyamorous without being intimate with them?” came to my mind and immediately I saw and felt their answer. It is like Cobra described in one of his articles, they can convey these energies through touch and also with hugs, or through a loving eye contact, with the kindness of one’s eyes. The energy transfer is way clearer as there are no energetic blockages like we have them in our bodies on the surface of Earth. I could also see a memory of my own through my Higher Self doing the exact same thing in a lifetime I barely remember, working with a group of people, probably from an adjacent soul family, and with a simple touch I could convey my love for them without the need of being polyamorous and intimate with them. Supposedly some committed sacred union couples don’t live together with their soul families, they live separately but still work together with the rest of the soul family members.

So, there are many different ways of intimacy. Of course, not all ET civilizations have the exact same societal structure, but there is a general template of expressing loving relationships throughout the universe. For example, I remember a civilization where exclusive sacred union couples were predominant; polyamorous relationships were present, but in a minority. I mean this is a very dim memory, so use discernment.

Another thing I picked up during this energetic download is that after the Event, when negative societal programming of the surface humanity will start to break down, no one will be forced to form open polyamorous relationships if they will not want to, but this option will become available to those who will be attracted to living together with other members of their soul families, so there will need to be some sort of acceptance by those who might not be in favour of such lifestyles or might even be condemning them. I'm sure there are lots of people out there who actually prefer to be in multiple-partner relationships, but don't want to talk about this due to current "societal standards". As I understand, malevolent forces completely suppressed the idea of forming open polyamorous relationships within soul families on Earth, as they destabilize their control over the planetary grid, but left the template of marriage, which is a reflection of a sacred union of twin souls as this archetype is not easily suppressed. However, through Archons’ engineering of events, many people were forced throughout history into arranged marriages with people who weren’t even their soul mates, let alone primary soul mates or twin souls, with no way out, and were thus miserable in their marriage, so we had no open soul family relationships and very little true sacred union pairings who could jeopardize the negative control.  

I’m pretty sure that many starseeds out there yearn for the genuine loving relationship with their soul mates and twin souls, and can’t wait for the Event when all of this will finally become a reality. Also, regarding people who are happily married and their spouses are not soul mates, primary soul mates or twin souls, no one will force them to break their relationship with their current partner after the Event as some might fear, everything will be guided from a loving soul perspective. Some will start living with their twin souls and soul mates, some will continue to live with people they love now, so there is no need to fear the future.

At first, I didn’t want to share this experience at all, but the very next day I was gently encouraged by the Pleiadians to share this, since, from what I could understand, they showed me all of this on purpose so that I could provide my view on polyamorous relationships with alleviated prejudices as someone being inclined towards forming a sacred union with only one partner. It certainly opened my view about this and it took them twice to get through to me. I hope this will serve a purpose of opening people’s minds about the whole idea of the great comeback of soul families and dispersing certain fears people might have regarding this. Personally, I still think that 70-80% of humanity will continue to form single-partner relationships after the Event and even after they will have been relocated to the Pleiades cluster to continue their evolution in 3D, it is just how human mind and heart works in my opinion. I might be completely wrong, but even if it is all just negative programing by the dark forces, I think it'll still take a few generations for that percentage to change.

And again, please read everything with a pinch of salt, take what resonates with you and simply leave the rest. This was certainly an eye opening experience for me and I hope other people will experience similar explanations in the near future. The best thing would be to have as much an open mind about new things as possible, as with landings also come different views and mindsets about pretty much everything and who knows what surprises are coming next.


May the Event and First Contact happen soon!



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  1. I am polygamous. My two soulmates are in a higher density and I am "allowed" to date humans here. Words fail to express how relationships are expressed or felt in the higher densities. It took me years for my ET mind to truly understand why there was such a concept as cheating on someone being bad. Monogamists tend to view polygamists as promiscuous, and polygamists view monogamy as selfish due to forcing someone to be committed to only 1 being.

    - Teiu


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