Letters to the Pleiadian fleet

Welcoming our star brothers and sisters

Dear one,

We are now here to witness a fundamental shift in the consciousness for all of humanity. The time has come for each one to envision how they can merge in a higher field of light. For each one to manifest that which many have waited for. A key connection to all Loving beings of light, here now to assist us in one of our greatest accomplishments in soul growth and breakthroughs.

Where there is a dream there is a thought, and where there is a thought there is an intent of energy, Which activates sound and light, which sends out a call to all vibrating on the same frequency. Once you initiate this thought and sent it out into the stream of consciousness, you activate that which comes from your true self which is also called your higher self.

[Courtesy of Light Group. The original video by Arbre in English is no longer available]

With this key connection one is able to fully anchor light from the heart of One. The light and love that has always been within each one. What you will be experiencing while on this journey will bring forth joy, love and the embrace of the most wonderful feelings that you could ever have known or imagine.

Knowing that you are a Conscious being of light, a Co-creator and wisdom keeper through lifetimes of living, brings forth the wisdom and the knowledge for you to merge yourself and your consciousness with those who vibrate on a higher realm of existence. Within these realms there is unconditional love. Think of this as a key to enhancing soul growth and ascension for all on the planet. When we connect within, we are able to feel and to sense all who wish to connect.

All we have to do is ask and we shall receive.

So we ask each one of you to come forth and to visualize how you would like to meet with our star brothers and sisters. Think and feel how you would merge with this loving energy of light. How their light ships will manifest within the earth plane and how all will feel this as a welcoming and a big family reunion.

Envision higher light particles anchoring as you anchor light daily with the help of meditation, by being in nature, eating high vibrational food, anchoring light into all you do each day and bringing in the sacred light and love to all around you with the help of your I am or higher self.

Know that all that you are is pure love and light and once you come back to this realization you can activate the love for all around you. This will assist to create a high vibrational energy sphere of light and will be a key to invite our star brothers and sisters to feel welcomed.

Are you ready? If so, please share your thoughts below by making a comment on this page.

In the Heart of the One of Love, Peace and Joy!

Victory of the Light