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My vision of the Event and post-Event society – by LWStarGazer

The Event will come.
I'm sure of it.
There is no doubt about it, because not once in this cycle of creation, has a single galaxy skipped its pulse, its galactic heartbeat.
I know that I've seen it happen many times on other worlds in other galaxies, but I consciously remember only a few. The memories are hazy, but stable enough to give hope to the older generation of Starseeds, who have lost all faith of the Event happening in their lifetimes.

It will happen, do not give up.
I remember being in an intergalactic space, observing either a spiral or a lenticular galaxy. We were waiting to see its galactic heartbeat. That galaxy was not occupied by the dark forces and the presence of the primary anomaly did not cause an uncontrollable chaos, so the heartbeat served its natural function: to further the evolution of all life in that particular galaxy, to enhance the collective galactic consciousness and to strengthen the connection of all galactic inhabitants with Source. When the puls…

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