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My contact experience with Pleiadians and Ashtar Command in dream state - by Yaxi

I have many direct and undirect interaction experiences with aliens/UFOs in my dream state since I was little. They are charged with Love & Light energy to help me feel loved again. Before I was fully awakened, they show up in my dreams mostly as UFO light fleets, making me wonder the reason behind their appearance. Since the beginning of year 2019, I started to connect with them during dreams in a more direct way. (Within living memory I love dreams more than 3D experience because in my dream I could explore a totally different world. I also keep a diary to write down my dream experience since I notice that those memories, especially the ones charged with Love/Light are easily to be forgotten or erased.)
On April 16th 2019, in my dream that Cobra updated one entry about the First Contact. My parents and I were waiting patiently and determinedly for them. While waiting, the Pleiadians telepathically told me that “learning from Children and believing is seeing”. Finally, I saw movin…

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