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My visit to an Asteroid after awakening - by Esther D White

In 2015-16.... I started seeking and asking for help as that was a very difficult time in my life. I can’t say that I didn’t expect to have my request acknowledged but when it happened it happened to me quite astonishingly.
One day I had a VERY powerful experience that transcended all laws of physics- and for me it has become a mission to explore it and understand as much as (humanly) possible about it. It was both physical and transcendental all wrapped up in one package. I found myself- standing in front of a “Red Rock”. It was the size of a small mountain with a flat cliff on the top. The air was moving in colors and light. Almost like there was debris filled with light in the air. Since then I’ve seen an identical cliff to it in Australia. I looked up and could see a man who had the head of a bird. I’m convinced it was Horus, but that is debatable because of my own lack of knowledge on these subjects. Plus-I’m not sure why it would’ve been him. I just know he looked just like Horus. …

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