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Experience with Light Beings - by Anna Kallenberg

I just read your article on the Israeli scientist who testified on his experiences with aliens. I'm a retired caseworker/psychotherapist and Hatha and pregnancy yoga teacher in the Netherlands. I also have experience with extraterrestrial beings. Not in the dream state but in 3 D reality. And I would like to tell you about it. It was a long time ago (about 28 years), but I still remember as if it was yesterday: I was in a very bad shape, just had a miscarriage, my relationship ended and I was a single mother with no money and no job. But on a sunday afternoon, when I was writing a report for re-entering the job market, 3 light-beings came into my room. Very tall light beings. And they asked me to translate and publish special information I had (and have) on the feeding sequences of babies. Because babies enter some very special states during suckling: Alpha and Theta states and Bliss/Samadhi, every time they are allowed to drink and suckle as much as they want and not be disturbed.

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