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Real contact by Gerhard Asratava

Evening of Thursday, Jan 6: Zoom with usa friends energetic attacks through neighbour in house heavy heartaches and in the left eye when going to bed I felt deep love for Semjase and the Pleiadians then I heard telepathically that a Pleiadian scoutship is near and will give me healing in the heart and eye I felt an energy full of love entering my body system giving me the opportunity to relax more and more the pain subsided more and more I fell in sleep peacefully and thankfully. Thank you Pleiadians. ------------------------------------------------------------ Do you want to share with us? Do you have any experience of contacting positive Extra-Terrestrial beings in the dream state? If so, and if you want to share it, you can send this to the following email addresses, then we will publish them on this blog.   You are also invited to share your past life memories. Do you perhaps remember any lifetimes you had as

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