Contact between the Pleiades and the Arcturians through dreams - by Anna

Below is another contact dream experience of Anna. It happned on August 3rd, 2020. 

Here is the translated text from Japanese into English:

"In my dream, I was in a music class in the sky garden.
When I felt somebody calling me and looked out the window, I saw a small ship in the sky.
While I was shooting a small ship with my smartphone, the ship came closer and closer, and was set on the edge of the floating garden.

I thought I could contact the existence of the ship, so I hurried to the place where the ship was anchored.

Then the Pleiades and the Arcturians came down from the ship and greeted me in a Japanese way.
A number of members of the Galactic Union emerged from the transmitters installed in the ship.Then they headed for their respective destinations.

The explanation I received from the Pleiades and the Arcturians
It was to prepare for future contact with star seeds on the ground at the physical level. That is, from now on, under the star seed who will actually make contact.

The idea is that members of the galaxy alliance will be able to contact each other in a non-physical dimension so that they can interact smoothly when they actually meet in the future.

When they had finished their explanation, they went back to their mother ship.

After that, when I came out of the Hanging Gardens, the ground was full of fear, confusion, unrest, anxiety, and oppression.

In the midst of this, there were people who were aware that the forces of light were trying to remove the darkness from the outside and liberate the earth, and they were trying to make use of each other's abilities to cooperate and cooperate to bring about positive changes in the world.

Then the Pleiades and the Arcturians returned to the mother ship and sent telepathic messages. The summary is as follows.

A certain degree of confusion is inevitable until the liberation of the earth and the event occurs, but it can make a difference if the awake star-seed light workers act together.

In view of the current situation, you should first protect yourself and your family and life, and then do what you can.

No matter what kind of light work we are engaged in, we don't make a distinction.
Everyone who does light work is equally important and loves them as well.

The important thing is to consider each other's circumstances and environment, and not to judge the value of one's light work compared to others.

In addition, it is very useful to connect with one's own idea presence, to purify, to make a manifesto, and to strive for spiritual evolution and improvement of oneself."

Below is the original text in Japanese:


















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