"DO NOT WORRY..." - by David Chicago

Friday May 2, 2014 sometime after 3am

I awoke to a completely overwhelming and overpowering presence of pure unconditional love and bliss that is simply indescribable. I did not struggle or even try to move or look around my bedroom. I simply took in the experience while in an open eye trance. I was immediately and very gently scooped up out of my bed by something that, as far as I could tell, was invisible.

I was an adult and whatever this was scooped me up like I was a baby. I did not even feel the slightest bit of fear or uncertainty as I was carried away from my bed. I dont know how much time passed or what happened but all of a sudden I was being carried back towards my bed. My left arm, which was at its side before, had changed position. It was now crossed over my torso. Was I taken somewhere by this presence and set down? Did I get up and move around before eventually being taken back?

I was returned back to my bed just as gently and carefully as I had been scooped up before. Although visually there appeared to be nothing there, I felt a hand gently wrap around my left wrist, pull my arm up, and place it back at its side where it was earlier. The sheet and blanket must of been pulled down before by this presence because I saw them in my periphery being pulled up from the foot of the bed and dropped over me. I felt cool air rush out from under the sheet and blanket as they fell on top of me.

I looked up at the ceiling and the open eye meditation became even deeper. I do not know how long it lasted. I came out of it and looked toward the center of my room. I was not afraid but was incredibly surprised and thought to myself, almost aloud, "What the hell just happened!?". The presence I felt before seemed to have subsided by this time. Across the room, effortlessly floating in the air, appeared a translucent ghost like figure.

As he appeared the powerful reassuring presence from before returned with him. He looked human, maybe in his twenties or thirties, and was clean shaven with nearly straight hair down to his shoulders. He did not speak but information was sent from him to me in another way. I felt and understood his intent and message instantly. Put into words the message was "Do not worry...we are here".


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