A dream about the Event - by Dorus11

Here's a dream I had last night, February 13. about The Event.

There was a meeting between us Lightworkers and the Light forces. We were getting informed that the Event was gonna happen, and to prepare. We were getting informed before it begins. A few minutes before it all starts. It was like a telepathic meeting?

I was in my room. Alone. I saw a red button appearing in front of me and a finger getting closer and closer to the button.

And then a countdown started. We were informed that the Event was gonna happen at 9:00. Was it 9:00 am or pm, I dont know, it just felt like the afternoon or slightly after dinner for me in the dream. I was exited, hoping all of this was true. it was today! The Event was gonna happen in a few minutes.

The finger was really close to that button now and I was repeating in my mind: please press it, please press it... Hoping that it wasnt gonna get delayed, or anything and hoping that all went according to The Plan. I couldnt believe it!

And then the countdown began. I heard 5...4...3...2.. the finger was getting closer and closer ...1.... the button was pressed. I just couldnt believe it.

My tv was open at the time, with the sound off. The screen went black. I heard my little brother, which was in another room, yelling to my mom: Mom! why is the tv blank? its acting weird and its a black screens in every channels it just stopped working with no explanation!

People around me didnt knew what was happening. I wanted to go tell and explain to them what was happening, but first I had to do some Lightwork. I felt it was priority at the moment.

Anyway, I knew that everything was getting a reset, and that the tv will soon be back again in a few minutes with an official broadcasting of the Light. Mass arrests, etc. explaining it all to the masses about what is happening and all the truth getting out. So I decided to focus on the Lightwork instead.

As the Event was triggered and the button was pressed, I knew I had to go take and hold my Cintamani stone in my hand, and help stabilizing The Grid, and in the process anchoring the Light of the Flash. The Wave of Light of The Event now pouring down on us.

As I began my Lightwork, the dream ended.


I never had a dream that felt so real about the Event. It felt so real I still cant believe it.

All was happening before my eyes. I was living it. And us Lightworker we got ''informed'' a few minutes before it was triggered, so we knew what to do and know what was happening.

I must say that nowadays with work, etc, I dont take as much time as I would like to, to meditate and for spiritual development. And I must say that i just dont 'think' about the Event very often. I just know it will happen when it will happen. And when it does, I will be here and ready to Anchor the Light and do my Lightworkers work when the time will come.

So this kind of dream is very unusual for me. I dont have special dreams nowadays, nor any vivid dreams that feel so real like this. This is what makes it so special. This dream just came out of nowhere. and I believe its the Light sharing us information throught it so we can prepare ourselves.

In the beginning of the dream, us Lightworkers got informed in a meeting a few minutes before it was triggered and the button pressed. So we can prepare. So I think this is what this dream was all about.

Not that the Event will happen today, tomorrow or this week at 9:00. What it means is that the Light is informing us throught dreams like this, not just me, but many are getting theses kind of dreams, so we get informed and we know what to do when it happens when the time come.

It could be there sooner than you realize.

I dont normally share dreams or posts, but I feel that such a dream is meant to be shared.

I think we get these dreams with a purpose and is meant to be shared with other Lightworkers



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