My first contact experience in a dream state - Laura

My first contact experience in a dream state was with a being starting in early 2016. Although I do not remember all of the interaction, it was a very beautiful and profound experience for me as it was not long after my initial spiritual “awakening”.

We are at an outdoor gathering (it seemed to be in front of a cave). It is not clear if I am on Earth. Directly above me, close enough to touch was a being I believe to be female, but I sensed male and female energy combined. Very beautiful presence. Turquoise eyes and a wonderful smile. After some time, I could only clearly see the being’s lower half of the face and shoulders. Styled like the Tachyon infused crystal necklace I wear, I saw the same shape and detail on a necklace the being wore. I remember a deep sense of love and longing.

The atmosphere of the gathering is of spiritual learning with many different types of beings at different stages of spiritual growth. Courses were being offered. At some point, we were all dancing in a hall type room and are feeling very joyful!

At a later encounter, a wonderful being who I sensed was guiding our experience was saying “Ascension”. I remember a sense of urgency but not in a frantic way but to just be ready for it. There were feelings and reassurances of calm and wellbeing. I am thanking a mentor or someone who was seeing to it that I was receiving what I needed. I am with many others and we are all very excited.

This first contact experience has instilled in me a deeper longing to continue with my mission on Earth and to never forget that our Galactic families are never far from us.