My first contact experience in the dream state - Hoshino

My first contact experience happened in the dream state. It happened one night at the end of 2017. It was a contact experience with Pleiadians.

I was walking on a corridor and being guided to a room which is the size of a small classroom that can hold about 10 to 12 people. I believe this is a room in an underground base. Then when I was guided to the door of the room, and I was really keen to meet some Extra Terrestrials beings.

When I looked into the room, I saw three adult Pleiadians. I recall that one of them is a woman and another one is an old man.  I was surprised that they really look like normal human beings on Earth, even the way they dress.

Then I had a conversation with each of them but I cannot recall what we talked about.

After that, these adult Pleiadians introduced me to another three Pleiadian children at the back of the room. I played with them for a while and they showed me how they can levitate small objects with their thoughts!

That was a truly amazing dream I ever had ever. From that night, I really wish to make The Event come as soon as possible so that I can meet these Pleiadians like I did in my dream.

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