My dream of Contact with Higher dimensional Pleiadians - Maria

I was walking out to my front yard on a hill and I was guided to raise my hand and sing a song. It was a song only I knew from my heart. As I sang the song a woman appeared in gold light. It was her Etheric self. I saw her Lightbody. As soon as she appeared a white oval shaped ship appeared it was as if it was glowing. Out of the ship came two beings, they were tall and they looked very human like. Both were wearing white jumpsuits. They asked me how I found the women because they have been looking for her for a long time. I was told that her soul got trapped within a Time-bubble of some sorts. I felt guided that she came to me to assist her and I was so grateful.

The next thing I remember was being in a gift shop with an eastern looking women. She led me down steps in the basement and I was guided to an underground facility. There I was greeted by a council who asked me to identify a group of people who have been creating magic to trap Goddesses or women like the one I sang back into view. I believe it was my light and song that pierced through their dark magic. Once I was able to identify the magicians they were taken to what looked like a holding bay where all kinds of villains were held. Within a projector I could see a red headed women. It seemed like they placed her on the projector to bring forth the case which I found myself to be involved with.

I was guided to go with the pleiadian beings who came and appeared with their lightship. The next moment I remember I was at the back of what seemed like a milk factory and there was an office. An older lady with curly blonde hair greeted me there and shook my hand. She thanked me as well. They then walked with me to the back of the building. It seemed like an alley way and they said there was not much time, however they have a technique that they can show me that an help me get rid of any fear that has been programmed into my subconscious mind.

I was shown to create a sphere of light with my hands and to expand it. You may see more of what was shown to me here:

I remember I placed all of my fear into one sphere and I then activated all I wished for in another and grew it larger, then stepped into it. It was a powerful gift and took for manifestation.

I then remembered they took the sphere that had my fear in it and they said they needed to take it through the Galactic Central sun to rid of the anomaly and signatures it has energetically. It was sealed in some sort of sealant that looked like glue that cannot be pierced through. They really went above and beyond to help me.

I also remember that when we were done I had to run as fast as I could because someone showed up that was not suppose to be there. I ran through a parking lot and between allot of cars and I was able to get away from whoever was chasing me.

Usually in such great dreams there has been certain forces trying to prevent the good things from happening. I hope that those forces will greet the Light and return to Love once more as all are called to embrace their inner Peace.

In Love and Light