Dreams of extraterrestrial life - by Tot

Hello, I found your blog apparently not by accident.

I had dreams about extraterrestrial life.

There were dreams of an alien invasion, the ships in the sky were very real and most importantly, I knew what it was.

There were dreams when we were on a mission in space and it was necessary to arrive at a certain star in order to be on time, I don’t remember where.

There was also a dream about a very strange world.

We are used to the fact that the Worlds are convex like a ball and nothing is visible beyond the horizon.

In this case, this world was concave and I saw in the sky beyond the clouds the outlines of the seas and coastlines, as if the surface went far into the sky and was visible for thousands of miles beyond the clouds!

Huge stones the size of a small car began to fall from the sky.

There were strange wild animals that do not exist on Earth, and we fled to save ourselves.

I understood that this was the end of that World.

There were also dreams about my home planet. It is cold, dark, only stars are visible, a lot of snow, and there are strange huge columns of metal with letters that ascend into the sky and I flew there.

I later found out that this planet does not rotate around a star, but flies in space - a wandering planet in the 5th dimension.

By the way, in my dreams I occasionally fly on Earth as well.

Flights are very real and there is nothing to be confused about it.

by Tot

Bellow is the original text in Russian:

Здравствуйте,нашел ваш блог видимо не случайно.

У меня были сны о внеземной жизни.

Были сны об инопланетном вторжении,корабли в небе были очень реальны и самое главное,что я знал,что это такое.

Были сны,когда мы были на задании в космосе и надо было прибыть к определенной звезде,чтобы успеть,куда,не помню.

Так же был сон о мире очень странном.

Мы привыкли,что Миры выпуклые,как шар и за горизонтом не видно ничего.

В данном случае этот мир был вогнутым и я видел в небе за облаками очертания морей и береговых линий,как будто поверхность уходила далеко в небо и была видна за тысячи миль за облоками!

С неба стали падать огромные камни размером с мелкий автомобиль.

Диковинные животные,которых нет на Земле и Мы спасались бегством.

Я понимал,что это конец этого Мира.

Также были сны о моей родной планете.Там холодно,темно,видны лишь звезды,много снега,и есть странные огромные колонны из металла с письменами ,возносящиеся в небо и я там летал.

Я позже узнал,что эта планета не вращается вокгуг звезды,а летит в космосе,блуждаюущая планета в 5d измерении.

Кстати,я периодически летаю во сне и на Земле также.

Полеты очень реальны и не с чем не спутаешь.



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  1. Hi Tot, it seems to me that that concave world you described was a sophisticated Dyson sphere, (not as a ring structure, but as an actual sphere).

    That planet you described, with those metal columns with letters - I remember a similar thing, although they did not look like pillars, more like tall metal square blocks with alien letters, through which you could see the the sky in the background. But that world had at least one Sun, I remember seeing those giant metal square blocks with transluscent letters and a sunset in the background. Those metal square blocks were part of a giant building, it was like a library, a school, that sort of thing. Perhaps those square metal blocks and the metal pillars you described were made by the same race, except that your home planet probably broke free from its native star due to some gravitational slingshot pull and is drifting through space ever since.

    Thanks for sharing!


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