4 Dreams by Lester Due (Part 2 of 2)

Here are the last two of the four dreams from Lester Due between April 2017 and September 2018:

Sat, September 23, 2017

i close my eyes, the room is dark, it's 2am, in which i'm a little bit in the "sleep-vail", but conscious, i see that in my mind comes an image, i react by waking up BUT without opening my eyes, then i'm totally awake.

The image becomes movement and it is as if i saw a movie inside my mind, normally when i bend a movie it takes a while to process the details, but when you see it you have less processes, that is the information does not "take" so long, so i suppose that the information was "direct" and not a memory.

Of this about 10 days ago, to continue, i find myself inside what are like catacombs or underground caves, which remind me quite of a part that is the park g├╝ell, which is like a cave.

The place is immense, there is like a mist, i don't know if it is damp or dusty, i notice that i'm alone, and i'm walking (remember, i see all this in a conscious way, awake) for the place, somehow i'm examining it, i don't have any sensation, the colors are mainly light brown and gray of the stones, everything is natural, there's nothing artificial

After a few minutes the image suddenly disappears, i get up and choose to draw it, but usually i do not draw dreams or things like these, when i finished i go back to sleep, it's 02:15, only 15 minutes had passed in total, i had the feeling that it was 4am

After about 3-4 days, the same thing happens to me again, but this time i am outside, a place that looks like a meadow, with me there is a tall woman, with a white tunic, she must make 1.80 -1.85cm s, is higher than me.

i walk along what looks like a path type of "field", my right there are like some dividing walls made of stones, gray, and the lawn is green, that person at no time tells me or does anything, is simply (observing?).

To the few while walking i find myself as a temple, which looks like Buddhist or Hindu, i would not know how to define it, but it is ancient muuuy ancient, about 5000 years, in front of me there are like stairs and higher up the door is open and i see as something yellowish color that shines, i do not know if it is a reflection or that.

And suddenly the image disappears, i open my eyes and i also draw it what i "saw", until today i have known how to differentiate (quite a lot) flashforwards, remote visions dreams, future visions, but i didn't know how to define it, it didn't have any logic, i hadn't read anything about it or if i don't remember doing it.

Pag 1

Pag 2


Sun, September 9, 2018

I am in a place that looks like the room of the hen, is a situation that sounds to me, I am in the area that would be where it has the TV, I reiterate is a place that looks like but does not have to be, I am sitting in a chair and before my other person is also sitting, is a woman / girl, curiously I know her, came out in another dream (September 23, 2017) attached the drawing i made at that time, as it is the same person)

This person wears like a white tunic, is tall, white hair, you can not know the age, i speak and interact with her as if i knew her all my life, at the specific time of the conversation (which we do not talk about) in a place of the "room" there is like a darkness, something extremely black, is well defined two eyes of intense red color.

The person who is with me says to leave, and we start to leave but after a few seconds i stop, i turn around and i face the entity itself, is bigger than me, should make 2.50meters, robust,i yell at him loudly and then he disappears.

images attached for this dream:

Pag 2
because is the same "lady" of that dream, not the environment


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