4 Dreams by Lester Due (Part 1 of 2)

Here are the first two of the four dreams from Lester Due between April 2017 and September 2018:

Tue, April 18, 2017

i'm in a meadow or the like, at night, the stars shine, the sky is dark, i'm with more people, i'd say they're family and some friends.

Suddenly i am in a room, it is colored with blue-dark tones, silver metallic glossy, there are some comfortable "sofas", i turn and go to wherever they are, where there are large tubes that should be 5 meters high by 3 width, they are light blue transparent, there are about 5, they are separated by about 50 cm, i do not see any connections.

Suddenly i see, as "enter" something that would say "soul", it goes away materializing and creating a person, is a teleportation system

A little more back there is a room, where people go there, others are sitting with glasses like VR-Occulus, but much more advanced, they are like glasses of pool, apart they are dressed in one-piece-white-color

Someone comes to me that i can not define and i start to feel relaxed and quiet, asks me if i want to go to the "room" and listen to music, i say "i know what you do, use Mozart's opus 2 to increase the emotional sensitivity of the people" which i deny myself.

I approach a person (a girl of about 20 years old and short hair and brown) and i tell her i want to leave.

After the dream

Once i woke up i needed time to recover and order the dream, some of the things i was most curious about was that of Mozart's OPUS2 and used to "increase the emotional sensitivity of the people" , which i did not understand, i searched "mozart" and this is the first link i had



Thu, March 22, 2018

i am in a large, very large and tall place, it is closed, in front of myself i see a land that is colored like gray, it has a shine, the earth is soft and somewhat "soft."

To my left and right there are two large windows (high and long) i see the space (not an observatory), i have a person by my side who is talking to me, it is much higher than me, i do not know who says (i do not remember).

Before me there is a door, big, it has a bit of a sloping (quite subtle), i suppose i come from there.

The next image is in the perspective of the first person, i see how i'm moving towards "in front?", There is another "frontal" window also immense, i do not see any planet for that at that moment

This guy (left) is more taller than me (right), in front of me there's like a little ramp


Image that there is when I give a turn of 180 degrees.
The small diagonal lines are blue lights.


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