Effectiveness of the protocol 'Command PB stardust' - by Sara

I am sharing with you what happened to me yesterday [May 20th]

I have teeth problems, suddenly my teeth hurt me very much. It was so bad and excruciating . I was helpless. I repeated in my mind the words, 'Command PB stardust' three times in despair from the pain.

Suddenly I felt very drowsy and I felt I HAVE to lie down on my bed on my back. I had to stop whatever I was doing, cooking and cleaning up and went straight to my bed. The once i was on my bed I was almost unable to move. I felt like having a slightly vibrating machine against my painful teeth. and I heard a whistle in my ears like there is a higher frequency.

I was semi-conscious. drifting in and out of sleep.
in my semi-conscious state, I also had some seemingly unrelated nonverbal thoughts that I didn't quite understand.

One thought was the realization there is a person or partner (?) that is one with me and no matter how far he is we experience each other. and I had a sense of understanding that the other person is not on Earth but is in Ashtar command. Somehow it felt natural and not strange.

I woke up few times, I attempted to move but the 'treatment' was not over and I drifted on and off.

After a while I finally was free to move again, and the pain is gone. I am very grateful for the help and care of the Pleiadians 💗
Update from Sara on June 4th:

In most of my life, I had a strong addiction to chocolate and sweets. However, ever since undergoing the procedure two weeks ago, my addiction has been significantly reduced, and it continues to improve. Now, I experience an empty space in my psyche where I used to fill it with constant indulgence in chocolates. It's quite peculiar that I can now see a chocolate bar without feeling the overwhelming urge to devour it instantaneously.

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