Command PB Stardust works - by Gerhard Asratava

Inspired by the post of Sara

I tried to put more emotions in the Command PB Stardust protocol
I have really tried many hundred times in the last years - without tangible effect
I thought maybe I belong to the persons where it does not work

Today in church, praise and worship
everyone was standing, arms lifted
I felt that my body got heavy, and more heavy
I had to lie down on the floor where i sat
then lying on my back Command PB Stardust came into my mind
I repeated it 3 times in my thoughts

Then I sensed a powerful energy entering my body
It felt so good, i enjoyed it very much
after about 20 minutes
when praise and worship came to the end
and the preaching began
I felt to sit up and come to my seat
it did not work, my body was too heavy
someone gave me his arm and helped me

Thank you very much dear Pleiadian medical team
you are wonderful


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