Dream about sacred geometry and "one of the governor of the galaxy"? - by Lester

I am in a place that I do not recognize, it is night, it looks like a city, i do not see people, i do not notice any sensation either cold, heat, etc..With an elevated view (about 15 meters high or maybe less) I see a building, it is rectangular, it is quite large, maybe about 90-100 meters long and a height of about 8 floors, it is white, at the entrance there are large glass doors of those that open to detect movement, i enter and talk to a person.
This scene disappears and another one appears

I am in a place like in a fairly large room of about 30 m2.

There is a girl that i know (in the dream, not in real life), with me there is another person, i don't know who she is or what she looks like, the girl is an astrophysicist, she has a telescope of quite large dimensions, it must be about 100cm's wide (base) + length, she removes some sheets and begins the "show."

Looking through the telescope some "tunnels of light" come out, what he is doing is "focusing", while trying to create a defined image of the parameters that (supposedly he has been given), images of the flower of life start to show and i comment "WTH! i see sacred geometry is coming out!".

The image disappears, then someone knocks at the door, I open it and a man appears, dressed in white semi-tunics, his face looks Asian, he looks about 70 years old, his hair is gray, his height is 1.70 cm or more, he is accompanied by his wife and behind him there is security and a "small group" of people, there are more than 20 people with him.

I stand still, i don't react, i don't know what to do, who are these people?, and the man approaches me and says "I am one of the governors of the galaxy".


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