Real contact by Gerhard Asratava

Evening of Thursday, Jan 6:
Zoom with usa friends
energetic attacks through neighbour in house
heavy heartaches and in the left eye
when going to bed I felt deep love for Semjase and the Pleiadians
then I heard telepathically that a Pleiadian scoutship is near
and will give me healing in the heart and eye
I felt an energy full of love entering my body system
giving me the opportunity to relax more and more
the pain subsided more and more
I fell in sleep peacefully and thankfully.

Thank you Pleiadians.


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  1. Din ignoranta m- am temut mult timp de prima intalnire.
    Acum astept si binecuvantez acel moment. Chiar doresc sa cunosc mai mult despre acesti frati stelari.


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