Experienced after participating in the End of Coronavirus meditation in April, 2020 - by Sen

I experienced this incident after participating in the End of Coronavirus meditation in April, 2020. It was indeed a beautiful and a powerful experience.

Few hours after the meditation, I was listening to Eric Klein's Ashtar channeling which I found in one of Cobra's articles. Just after listening to the channeling, I heard in my head, "Come outside and take pictures of the Sun". I immediately took the mobile phone, went into the garden.

It was noon, and the Sun was so bright I could not look at it at all. I turned on the camera and looked at the sun through the lenses. Since I was asked to take pictures, I did not record it. I could see the Sun clearly surrounded by clouds. There is something manifesting in the middle. First I thought it's small mist of a cloud then it began to turn into a gray object which is clearly not a cloud or a bird but something else. I was amazed!

Following are the images of the craft/ship which manifested. I couldn't believe it was happening right in front of me. Even though my family was a few feet away from me having some tea, none of them was aware what was happening or questioned why I'm taking pictures of the Sun in the middle of the day. 

I can't precisely say whether it is craft or a ship as it was so far away, and nobody could see it in naked eyes except through camera lenses as it was right in front of the Sun. Few seconds later, a cloud appeared with a figure similar to a human.

I couldn't believe this is happening, so I thought to myself, "If this is truly meant to happen to me and if this is truly what I think it is, the pictures I'm going to share with my father should be blocked right away". I then, tried to send the pictures I took of the craft and the figure to my father right away, to my surprise it did not work. I tried several times yet it failed. In that moment I truly understood that this is what I thought it is.

While listening to the channeling, I was questioning the existence of the Ashtar Command, and I got the answer. This experience cleared away all the doubts I had regarding Ashtar Command. And also, this experience was a symbol of the success of the global meditation I participated that morning.


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