A lucid contact experience - by AL E.N

I just read your article and am happy to share my experience(s).

One night I became lucid in my dreamstate. I’ve never had this happen to me before. As I became aware I noticed four translucent blue beings around me. One being began humming a tone that sounded like a trippy version of OHM. However it was just really drawn out. One by one they each joined in. Each tone was a bit different but gave the over tone an incredible depth. I could feel my energy body start to vibrate violently as the intensity of the tone increased. As the fourth being joined in my energy (etheric?) body was shot straight out of my physically body. I felt jolted up into the universe.

I then blacked out.

When I came-to I was back in my bed thinking, did that just happen?

In my mind I saw a stop light turn from red to green and at the same time on my tv (yes I sleep with it on constantly), I heard the words, “Yes this is confirmation.” Right as I thought “did this just happen”.

I’ve also had an experience set up for my mother. This is seemingly a more interesting story as it involves resolving a medical issue. But I’ll see the reaction to this first.

Each experience was due in part to trying out something an individual named “Peter the insider” brought to light when interviewed by James rink.

I’ve been tinkering with the idea of trying it again.

I find when someone becomes lucid with their ET experience our first thoughts are very similar....we all give ourselves a pep talk saying we can get thru this just fine!

With that being said, yes....I have sought out other ET contactees. This is where I was able to figure out our first thoughts were generally the same.

My contact information is below. I have lived a life full of the unusual and have a good connection to my guides. This is mostly because I have chosen to remain open to all possibilities and I embrace any path I am drawn to. I’m happy to talk about and tell my stories at any point. I have also done a few YouTube podcasts under the name AL E.N. (Deep spiritual update).

Thanks for your article, it was enlightening


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