Ancient Serpent Beings – by Esther D White

It was February, 2016. I had just sat down in my living room to meditate. Almost immediately after I started meditating, I started feeling this pressure on the top of my head. It felt like pressure building upwards to my crown chakra. At this time I wasn’t aware of what a crown chakra actually was yet, so the ability to express this is from a current understanding...

Anyway, It became very intense very fast. It was the most bizarre feeling to me, it felt like a force was pushing up and out of the top of my head. I could feel every bit of this. I thought maybe it would go away on its own. So, I ignored it and continued to try and go into a deeper state. The pressure soon became unbearable, I had to open my eyes and in that instant, I felt a very real physical pressure leave the top of my head and an incredibly intense energy shift in the room.

My breathing instantly changed. It quickly became labored. I was pulling and pushing air in and out of my lungs with a lot of difficulty. It felt like I was hyperventilating. I felt like I could only breathe in through my nose and push air back out through my mouth. It was alarming to say the least, because I couldn’t breathe air in through my mouth at all. I want to repeat this- only to emphasize that, I literally could not breath in through my mouth. So I continued with this fast, labored type of breathing with little to no relief- I didn’t really have a choice.

I was rapidly scanning my body and paying close attention to what was happening to me at that moment. This was something that had never happened to me before. I wasn’t really sure or ok with what was going on with me. I was alarmed by how uncomfortable it was becoming. I told my self over and over, just breathe whatever it takes stay calm-it’s going to be ok.... I looked up directly above my head where I felt so much pressure released. I could never have prepared myself for what I saw.

I was already having this freak out experience over breathing and to top it off I was looking at something Completely mind blowing. I know this sounds crazy but there was this very brightly lit fire red liquid forming in the air directly above the top of my head. It came out of nowhere. I would describe it as a red liquid plasma with the best of my knowledge today... As I watched it - it - it began to form a tetrahedron. A triangle being drawn in 3 D. I’m reluctant but willing to tell this story because I know how it sounds... how others might perceive it - it doesn’t matter as much as it once did because it was real to me. You see, my eyes were completely open. I wasn’t dreaming. I was wide awake.

I was watching it take form as if invisible hands we’re drawing this tetrahedron from a stream of bright red liquid light. It was similar to what liquified metal looks like when it’s melted down and still red hot. (That’s the best I can describe it.) I closed and opened my eyes several times to see if it would go away. I also thought maybe I was having some kind of seizure. I did take a lot of medication, and I was definitely blaming it on my medication at that moment. I was really searching myself to rationalize it away because I wasn’t exactly sure what was happening.

As the tetrahedron completed its shape, I could see to my right - out of the corner of my eye.. My wall changed... And, that really got my attention. I turned to look at the wall. It looked so strange to me. I had no frame of reference and my mind wasn’t processing it all fast enough. It was incredible to look at and I will say this again, regardless of how this sounds, it was very real to me. Especially in that moment because all of the fear I had inside of me instantly disappeared, That was something I quickly took notice of. Something was keeping me calm,

so I could observe what was happening. I still felt concern over this, but I didn’t feel I was actually in danger anymore, the main issue was how uncomfortable it was to breathe, I will never forget that. Somehow, I knew I wasn’t going to pass out or die - I also knew that the labored breathes weren’t going to go away until this experience was over with. It occurred simultaneously with this intense pressure on the top of my head - followed by the tetrahedron that had taken form in mid air.

The forming of this symbol was connected to the wall changing its structure. I personally believe the (tetrahedron) opened a portal on my wall. So, now I was staring very intently at the wall, I knew something else was about to happen. I wasn’t at all disappointed either. I watched as a serpent being about the size of an average 7 year old enter through my now - liquid looking wall. “He” had a golden iridescent glow around him. I instantly knew that he was very ancient, and incredibly kind. Even though he looked very young almost juvenile in the face.

He didn’t age like humans. He wasn’t a human, but was very connected to humanity. He didn’t touch the ground either and it was my understanding that he lives within multi or many dimensions. He had the body of a serpent from the waist down and from the waist up he had a torso and a head. But no arms. He had extremely kind eyes that were very large but more human looking. He gave me a big smile. He was looking right at me but he didn’t speak any words. He had this fairly wide bronze iridescent line that went up between his eyes from the top of his nose which went all the way up over the middle of his forehead. Lighter by many shades around the eyes and as I said they were very large and very kind eyes. He didn’t have any hair anywhere. I knew he was a male in communicating with him which seemed to happen through eye contact. His eyes lit up as if he were relieved or maybe excited to have made it into the room with me. It felt celebratory in a way. He smiled this huge closed mouth smile (I will admit that at this point I was absolutely positive that I had lost my mind).

He smiled with such pure intentions. He gave me a feeling of warmth, which I understood right away to be genuine loving concern in its purest form for all life. I also knew that he was observing my actions and reactions. I felt as though he viewed me as being primitive, or maybe somewhat farrell, there was a realization at one point, where I felt he was being slightly cautious with me and of my reactions towards him. He sensed the anxiety mostly coming from my racing thoughts and feelings about what was happening with my breathing. I understood he was aware of my anxiety. He continuously monitored and communicated with my energy to help me remain calm.

I had such an incredibly strong need to understand what was happening, I believe he was there to help me in some way. It was the way he looked at me, that I understood the intention was an attempt to show me something. I understood that he was doing this with the purest form of unconditional love.... there was an expressed or conveyance of concern for humanity at large. It was incredible to feel this type of love. It’s not the same as what we understand in our world at all.

The ancient serpent being suddenly stopped moving towards me and began to turned away at this point. Less then a minute elapsed since he had entered the room. He turned from me as if he had forgotten something, or was expecting something. Then he began to look back towards the wall... That’s when “She” came through the wall behind him. “She” was identical to him in all ways except she was the female version of him. I couldn’t tell them apart at all by looking at them. There was simply a feminine energy coming from her and a masculine energy coming from the him. I can’t express enough how much they love each other and the concern for each other's well being is something for the record books. They are absolutely one. They were both now in my living room together hovering in mid air.

As I mentioned before, I understood the importance of them being “male and female” completely representative of their existence as one whole being. It’s as critical as the air is to breathe. It was conveyed to me that these beings exist in eternal pairs, but they are ONE. Always one! They’re love for each other. Each being a part of themselves - is beyond human comprehension. They’re male and female and move separately from each other but are completely one entity.

They are harmonic beings that balance the existence in all dimensions. They assist were they can. This was expressed as critically important work. They are like a filtering system that’s a part of the information flow in all dimensions. I understood they were together from the beginning and have always existed together. Their thoughts are one synchronized thought - from a harmonious perspective, but not fully the same because of their genders - but what’s necessary to bring everything that enters the field together. They keep balance within everything around us through processing information into a specific resonance, coming from both of their male-female perspectives distilling thought into unity and balance, something like filtering systems within the existence of all that is. It felt like they were concerned specifically about humanity and I felt like they were somehow connecting to me to convey their concerns.

I was sitting there in shock watching them observe me, their eyes were so kind and their smiles were so warm. In that moment a feeling of pure euphoria came over me and I forgot all about the labored breathing for a minute. I felt something happening and I knew I needed to brace myself. It was like a rollercoaster ride I’d never been on. I had no clue what to expect, and I told myself - you know this is why they’re here, just let go... That’s when I stopped resisting and gave in to everything that was happening to me in that moment. I just let go - and when I did, I felt myself being pulled towards them like a vacuum was sucking me in and in that instant I was taken into what I thought was my Ottoman (Yes) it is a piece of furniture, and I know how it sounds, but they gave me a lesson that morning using furniture. I was instantly taken into to what I understood to be, a sub-atomic state, for lack of a better word, it’s hard to describe but not impossible. My furniture wasn’t solid and this surprised me to say the least. I was observing what this space - if you will - felt/looked like around me.

I saw spinning lights everywhere and darkness too but where I was - was much more light and sound. There was an incredible humming sound that was coming out of everything. It sounded like singing and it changed tones every so often. Everything around me was was spinning and vibrating. It’s like a symphony of sorts, but different. I was pure consciousness.

I had no form and everything was very different in this place. I knew nothing was solid or empty. I understood nothing to be actual matter if you will - but a pattern of existence to be formed here in this space.  They emphasized that we  “Humans” are not separate from this place and we put everything - thoughts emotions experiences into this space and it was of the utmost concern to them. It was imperative that we needed to balance our inner space. It was heavy on them most importantly.

Still my level of comprehension was very little to non existent at that time. It still is hard for me to fully understand. I knew this is what they wanted me to see and understand. I was viewing my ottoman inside of it’s vibration. It’s a pattern that repeats itself. I couldn’t have explained this at that time to anyone. We were a part of the consciousness observing matter in its vibrational pattern. I felt that same feeling of pressure pulling on me again. And as instantly as they had taken me into their realm, they brought me back up into my body again. I noticed my breathing was still labored, but this time it was less uncomfortable, as if I were adapting to the way I was breathing. We were all back and normal size again. They quickly said goodbye to me with those incredibly warm eyes and smiles. They went back through the wall and as they went through it my breathing stabilized. The air felt like air again. It seemed so heavy when I was struggling to breathe.

I watched the tetrahedron dissolve into thin air and the wall was once again - just a wall. I jumped up and I looked I around. I was all alone in my living room. My mind was completely blown but I couldn’t help but be so excited. I felt incredibly energized. I began laughing and crying all at the same time. I was in a bit of shock even still at that moment It didn’t matter if the entire world called me crazy! I felt so special or so incredibly blessed to have had this experience. Because I knew I had just experienced something miraculous. Something intended for me to understand and to process. I could barely contain the emotions that flooded my heart. I will always cherish that experience.

I waited for them to come back again, hoping that they might, but they never did. Today is a much different story. As much as I was guided and blessed it isn’t as needed, but I would gladly welcome another lesson from them. I’ve grown so much deeper through those experiences. I do miss having them happen to me. In early 2019, I chose to stop having interactions. And things began to normalize for me in my life. I had to re-connect with people again. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, and I knew it was one way or the other. I couldn’t do both. It is a decision I regret in many ways, because - I have to admit, I preferred those experiences to human interactions. But each one of them brought me something useful to heal, to grow, to seek and understand as so to move forward.

For a long time I honestly didn’t want to share this with anyone outside of close friends or a handful of trusted family members, at least until I could better explain what happened that day. I tried to do that early on and it wasn’t very helpful or useful. People I have learned - can be very negative and even cruel. These ancient serpent beings left me with a much better understanding about “the field” around me. Their beautiful smiles, their incredibly warm eyes and their fluid like movements, are features I’ll carry with me into my transition from this body knowing they’re in this field with us that their ability to filter all that is in our field of consciousness... which I believe helps to stabilize us all is critical. Those are the things about them that I will never forget. One of the most peculiar things about the visitation that happened was the difficult breathing. So it’s interesting that their last communication with me right before they went back through the wall was something I didn’t expect and today it makes more sense and it makes me smile because it’s kind of comical considering what was happening during that encounter....

They said to me very lovingly... Esther....... (Do not to forget how to breathe).

I was told the same thing once more on another occasion from an entirely different being. That being was called... (we are infinity). That was a completely different experience though, except, that I was pure consciousness again. So, needless to say, I started to learn how to breathe properly. And like the harmony and balance of life - it just seems to be of the it most importance to all beings that exist in the field. No matter the full meaning of it all. I will always cherish this experience.


Love always.



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