My Personal team contact experience on May 29th 2020 - by Anna

Below is a contact experience of Anna which happened on May 29th, 2020. 

Here is the translated text from Japanese into English:

"I'm not sure if it was a dream or out-of-body.
I attended a meeting with my team in the ship.

The conference focused on the support from my personal team especially in my "regain one's true self".

There is a big table in the center of the conference room, and across the table, in front of me,
Three Pleiades, two Sirians, an Arcturus, and a Vegan, sat on both sides of it.

They're talking about the process and the details that I have to go through to get back to where I was.
They told me.
At the same time, they explained and proposed the support they could provide in the current situation before the event.

I expressed my opinion on their explanations and suggestions, and also conveyed my wishes to them.

After that, they reworked the support plan which I also referred to ... and left the ship."

Below is the original text in Japanese:

個人的なチームとのコンタクト体験(2020/05/29) ANNA








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