My experience with "Command 12 21" - by Michael P


I'm Michael and i'm here to sharing my experience of contact, as they suggest me, with you

After "invoking" the "command 12 21" and entering a meditative state i asked my team to connect with me and shortly later i found my self lay down on a "bed" on a mothership where i was receiving healing on all my chakras. I was trying to clear my vision to see them clearly and i was seeing their charactericts like hair and physiognomy. After i while i decided to go around the ship and greetings other "staff members" shaking hands and with someone also hugging each other.
Then i was looking planet earth from there and i noticed how busy and crowded is all around the planet, with so many ships stationated on the orbit, like all the planet is covered and smaller ones patrolling the surface. So amazed like how busy it is i asked if there is any control tower to direct all these spacecrafts and they answered me that is all connected by consciousness, so basically the ships are actually intelligent and know how to move and position themselves. So at that point i decided to visit/shift my consciousness into one of this smaller crafts patrolling the surface, after the welcome of the staff i was looking the city of where i am now from above and i noticed that i actually could see through the buildings, seeing people as light and what they were doing/what they were emanating as energy. I was watching also myself but i didn't put too much attention on me, i was more curious, so i decided to visit australia. 

Walking on the surface, i stopped to stroking a crocodile and after a little bit i found myself underground where in front of me there was this reptilian female and the first reaction was to hug her. So much compassion and healing came from this hug that actually a whole tribe/community of reptilians came around us to honor this moment. My energy was kind of adjusting to these frequencies that i was materializing/shifting quickly in different spots of the cavern so i felt like to leave that place saying that i was looking forward to meet them on the surface. 

At that point i was finding myself "below" in this natural place so full of light with many people walking around, i noticed their very light hair. One child/teenager approached me and i felt like he have some kind of supernatural powers, he put his head close to mine and ignite a powerful healing in me.
After that i was playing with an acquatic being making pirouttes underwater but that was not last a lot because i decided to come back to the surface and explore the elemental realms. 

I was connecting with fairies and gnomes, they have like a really childish/funny attitude, they hung me upside down under a tree. I was able also to communicate also with a tree but was more on a energetic level that actual speaking.

Then i brought back my consciousness into my body and stay there i while to anchor these higher frequencies into this physical realm and the planetary grid. I'm still feeling affected by these frequencies now writing this experience.

Much Love and highest vibrations


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  1. What a wonderful experience! Thank you so much for sharing this Michael. I really can visualise and gain a sense of your amazing expansion of consciousness.

    I also invoked Command 12 21 last week after seeing '12 21' on the clock several times. I used to see this number frequently but recently I've been seeing many other double digits.

    A few days after invoking Command 12 21 I had this dream:


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