My ET contact - by Aga

Beloved Friends

I have read the call and I'm here to share my beautiful experience.

June this year I had a dream during the night (around 2 am).

In my dream I was in a high house – definitely human house, with stairs and wooden balustrade. All other details were hidden in the dark.

I was alone in there. And somehow I felt scared, alarmed. I was scared, but I couldn't understand the reason and I was looking for that reason.

For a moment I saw a human walking toward me. He was a zombie, but he passed me by and wasn't scary at all. There was no danger visible, still I was alarmed, frightened. It wasn't huge panic, rather calm and steady alarm.

Ok, I looked down the staircase and in the dark I saw small light blue lights. They were kind of fireflies. They were moving slowly, or standing down there. Or passing the stairs.

They were interesting, but was I scared of fireflies?

When I looked closer to them, I suddenly realised they weren't fireflies. They were blue glowing beings!!!!!

These beings were moving all over the house, or were standing down the staircase. They were moving in majestic way, not in the neurotic way humans do.

They were made of blue glowing light, shining very slightly in the dark. I could only see their contour, inside there was no body. They were totally energetic beings. The only thing different was they were having a point in the middle of their heads - shinning bit more light. I believe this is their telepathic mind.

The posture was humanoid, which means contour of a head and neck and then kind of "shapeless coat". They had no legs, hands, or eyes.

They were not speaking to me, or looking at me. They only showed themselves, so I could watch for some time.

I got awaken very soon. I was still scared a bit, which was probably coming from my subconscious. My conscious mind got soooo excited, because I realised I was given a great, great gift – I met beings from other dimensions.

I hope they will come back soon. 💓

With best regards, Aga from Poland

PS. The graphics are not totally the same as my dream, this is just an impression. The more days pass, the less details I can remember.


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