Dream about a Solar Flash - by Lester Due

I am in a spatial perspective, as if I were floating or seeing space in a ship or the like.

Before me I see a huge star, I would not know if it is the sun but I would say that it is, as a reference I see a dot on the left side below the "star", it is a pixel compared to size.

I zoom in, and I see that it is a ship, that it is not really small, it emits an orange light, perhaps you wonder how you can see an orange light that is next to the sun, because filters are applied,, the sun looks like a ball of black color, which does not emit any light making the rest easier to see/locate.

Making the zoom of the ship that emits an orange color at a specific moment makes an immense FLASH, suddenly the people who are with me celebrate it, WE HAVE DONE IT !!! We have merged THE TIMELINE !!!, a similar joy is noted as when NASA landed Apollo 11 on the moon

Lester Due


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