Dream about Toplet bombs - by Lanio

Below is an interest dream about Toplet bombs back in 2011 from Lanio.

"One day, I dreamed that I was suddenly in a big university, the campus was beautiful, bright, I don't know exactly where it was. I entered a classroom, they were waiting for me, I sat down and I saw a very beautiful student, very beautiful, but she looked at me like I was a troll and shouldn't be there, I was embarrassed, then I saw the teacher.

He began to say there were quantum bombs on earth, capable of creating black holes that would destroy everything, and would suck those souls into an eternal infinite void. He used this term for me, quantum bombs, and at the time I knew almost nothing about it.

Then he turned on a holographic projector, the room went dark and we watched a 3d simulation of the earth imploding, and I felt myself fall into an empty loop.

I woke up suddenly, my heart was racing, I was out of breath, I had to go to the open area to get back to normal and I thought it was just a nightmare.

I researched later on this, but I only found out about the accelerator.

I thought that was it, until I found out about portal2012, and found out about toplet bombs, then I understood everything and everything fell into place.

P.S. I believe there was a reason for this class in 2011 because in 2012 I had a contact which I will tell later."

And here is the original text in Portuguese

"Um dia sonhei que estava de repente numa grande universidade, o campus era lindo, claro, não sei onde era, exatamente.

Entrei numa sala de aula, me esperavam, sentei e vi uma aluna muito linda, belissima, porém ela me olhos como se eu fosse um troll enso devesse estar ali, fiquei constrangido, então vi o professor.

Ele começou a falar que havia bombas quânticas na terra,capazes de criar buraco negros que destruiriam tudo, e sugariam nessas almas num vazio infinito eterno. Ele usou pra mim esse termo, bombas quânticas e na época eu sabia quase nada sobre isso.

Então Ele ligou um projetor holografico, a sala ficou escura e vimos uma simulacao 3d da terra implodir e me sentir cair num loop vazio.

Acordei de repente coração muito acelerado, sem ar, tive de ir pra area livre pra voltar ao normal e achar queera so um pesadelo.

Pesquisei depois sobre, mas só achei sobre o acelerador.

Achei que era isso, até conhecer o portal2012, e saber das bombas toplet, então entendi tudo e tudo se encaixou.

PS : creio haver um motivo nessa aula em 2011, pois em 2012 tive um contato, que conto depois. "


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