Dream Contact with positive ET races

This occurred on February 6th.

I’m not the type of person that usually remembers his dreams, unless they hold a special meaning or are extraordinarily lucid.

On that particular occasion, I was dreaming about having an argument with my apparent partner, somebody I don’t know in real life. That was happening inside an old abandoned house. Outside the house was an old garden covered with big plastic bags and a large space with water.

In a part of that dream, my partner for the dream and I continued our arguments outside and that is where the important events of the dream happened. I saw in the sky a rainbow-colored cloud and pointed at it, then I ran into the house to take my cellphone which I was charging and record it.

After getting outside again, I started recording the cloud with my cellphone, and it changed colors and revealed itself even more. It was shinning with iridescent colors, and then it turned all pink.

My partner in the dream started shouting at the cloud to come for us and take us and I seconded that, as we were certain it was a cloaked mothership.

Suddenly, a couple of light discs appeared from the cloud and started approaching. Surprised and nervous, I told my partner that it was really them! The discs arrived in front of us, and they turned out to be floating platforms in the shape of a small disc with enough space to fit only one person.

One of the discs stood right in front of me and I jumped on it without doubt, but feeling nervous. I said to myself “I am going”, then the disc started floating again and lifting me up into the sky.

There was a blackout, and suddenly I was floating on the disc inside a building but wearing different clothes, I was wearing a light grey futuristic robe that reminded me of Star Wars.

I kept floating, traveling on the disc and I saw other people wearing a darker robe following a different direction. Among those people, I saw an old friend with whom I no longer have much contact but that I know is a star seed. I felt very happy and surprised about seeing her, and we hugged. We didn’t stay together for long as I was lifted by the platform to another direction.

Suddenly I woke up, but with my eyes still closed, my consciousness just returned to my physical body, and I could feel a lot of energy and lights on my eyelids, and for that moment I felt inside of me that “they” referring to some positive ET race, were listening to my thoughts. I thanked them for giving me that experience and for contacting me in a more direct manner, and reassured them that I was aware that they were listening.

After processing the excitement and shock, I decided to turn on my cellphone to write down the experience and the screen marked 5:55 a.m.

After writing down my memories, I opened Instagram and the first post that appeared in my timeline was from tachyonchambernyc, and an image of a spaceship with the text “WE ARE HERE AND WE ARE LISTENING” with the caption saying that there were proofs of them listening and showing their presence during COBRA’s conference in Phoenix.

I laughed to myself and I told them mentally, “I wasn’t even at the conference, but I am listening.” 

P.S. My intuition tells me that they were doing tests to measure our reaction to the first contact. 


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