Dancing Friends at 3 am - by Amazon Rose of Lyra

Well well well. Feeling the Syrian and Lyran energies coming in, I have been asking for connection.3 nights (early mornings) ago-- I felt 'something' and woke up -- wide awake. 

The head of my bed is just below the west window, there are no lights to the west, just the mountain with jungle rising. My head on the pillow is in the middle of the window so I can see the moon as it comes by.
So... 'something' woke me wide awake. It was not the 'call of nature' to the loo, no, ok... 

As I lay there, focusing on what, something was saying: LOOK UP!

I looked up and saw a giant bright star PULSING. It was so big and literally sending pulsing rays out all around. In every direction! A bright ball in the center.

I grabbed my glasses from my nightstand and watched. Thought ok... is Venus supposed to be there? AM I hallucinating?

Then I felt a greeting. It was warm. Friendly. Even more, familiar.

I got up, grabbed my cell phone and went outside. I watched a while as it began to dance.

'Nope,' I heard in my consciousness, 'we're not a star, we're not a planet, we're HERE and connecting with you! Didn't you call us and ask for connection?'

I started taking pix, and then vid! It was profound!

The next early morning--same thing happened!
This time I just watched in wonder and felt the profound connection!

We are really at a time that those of us who ASK for connection will be having experiences of your own. For me? I just telepath-ed back at them:
'Thank you. You are so welcome. I so look forward to meeting you here.'

'Soon,' came back at me.
I felt a happiness and like I was receiving a group hug from afar.

Amazon Rose of Lyra


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