Cosmic pink Light and the Event - by Gerhard Asratava

I was doing the china taiwan usa med when calling in pleroma isis doumu and guanyin also many other goddesses from all corners of the universe.

I saw balls of pink cosmic light falling down in the street of taiwan descending in the ocean and spreading the light when touching the water also falling down on the taiwan island and there also spreading the pink cosmic light,

then falling on mainland china,

then falling on ukraine,

and russia,

then spreading all over the world,

saturating the flower of life grid.

I also saw manna falling from the heavens feeding the hungry children and adults also milk coming down from cosmic breasts feeding the little babies,

and I saw rain coming over the lands being soaked in by the dry earth,

people dancing in the rain.

Then I felt the Event comes,

the electromagnetic fence being dissolved,

tachyons coming to earth,

touching my body, my cells, my atoms from inside,

feeling great relief in my body,

I said: Welcome dear tachyons.

I also said: Thank you Light Forces for doing such a great liberation work.

Thank you for the free technology.

Thank you for my replicator.

At first i will manifest a beautiful emerald,

and a sapphir, and a ruby,

also I will give things I do not need any more back to the universe to make place in my little room.

Thank you.

Was about to look in my computer if event was really happening but then fell into sleep.


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