Cataclysm and hope - by Gerhard Asratava

I was lying in bed and felt the wish to connect with Pleiadians.

I was taken in the spirit to the Pleiadian mothership, not far from Earth.

I saw Semjase and also my twin soul Sigrun, one of the Vril ladies - i hugged her deeply.

The night before i read the book The Adam and Eve Story.

The whole day i had in my mind: how will it happen, in 3 years?

The pole shift and motion of the Earth's crust will take 6 to 12 hours.

So let us take 9 hours for the movement of the north pole in direction south, maybe to the equator.

9 hours for 10,000 km, this is nearly supersonic speed,

for the atmosphere which will stay in it's place -> terrible storms

and for the waters, which is the same case -> tsunami.

This night i saw it: the cataclysm, the storm and floods,

and then ... the evacuation to the mother ships - all were rescued.

And i saw myself, ascending, coming to my beloved Mother Mary.

She welcomed me so deep heartedly.

And then this experience was transferred to the here and now:

I work as an Ascended Master:

I saw and maintained the Flower of Live Grid around the Earth,

i heard the cries for help, in Ukraine and around the world,

i went to them personally,

i spread the pink light, together with Archangel Chamuel,

it healed and consoled the ones in need,

and also other beings, who were planning negative deeds,

when they came in touch with the Pink Light,

they could not proceed in doing this, they capitulated and wept.


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