Night adventures - by Monika S.

I´d like to share with you strange dreams I have lately.

A few nights ago I dreamt, that I went on a mission with a team. We were searching for something in a big building, using digital 3D map, which showed posittion of the "objects". I don´t know what we were looking for, but we always found it.

Tonight I dreamt about this again, we were searching another building. I never saw clearly my teammates.

Than I was walking home from a successful mission, it was dark already, lots of snow (it´s summer where I live). Wind started to blow and street lamps were blinking and shut down. Suddenly I saw big orbs in the sky, above the street, white/transparent. I knew those are ships of the dark forces and I felt, but not see there are ships of the Light forces in the sky too. I ran home, but it was a house of my parents and brother, not my current one. My brother was shoveling snow to get to the front door. When we got inside, one of the orbs landed behind a corner of the house. Snow got in the way when we tried to close and lock the door but we managed. Just than, the door was ripped of the frame and there stood a "person". It looked like a hybrid, part human part alien, greyish and brown skin, longer face, strangely disfigured. It felt a bit like zombie to me. Suddenly there were more family members and people around, all in some trance. No help would come from them.

I stood a few meters from the intruder, we were looking each other in the face. There was no other choice. I could barely speak, I whispered "command 1221". But he heard me and there was great fear in his face. He was doomed. I repeated louder two more times.

End of dream. But I KNOW we were saved and the Light forces have won.

In the morning my husband said I was talking from sleep and I never do that! It made me remember the dream. And the fact I used command 1221 before falling asleep, with the intention to call my team and offer my service or just hang around with them. As I do a lot lately.

So was it just a crazy dream, or am I going on missions in astral plane?


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  1. That's the power of Command 12-21 ladies and gentleman.

    @Monika S., I think that you are indeed going on astral missions and congratulations on your successful missions!


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