Experience with Light Beings - by Anna Kallenberg

I just read your article on the Israeli scientist who testified on his experiences with aliens.

I'm a retired caseworker/psychotherapist and Hatha and pregnancy yoga teacher in the Netherlands. I also have experience with extraterrestrial beings. Not in the dream state but in 3 D reality. And I would like to tell you about it.

It was a long time ago (about 28 years), but I still remember as if it was yesterday:

I was in a very bad shape, just had a miscarriage, my relationship ended and I was a single mother with no money and no job. But on a sunday afternoon, when I was writing a report for re-entering the job market, 3 light-beings came into my room. Very tall light beings.

And they asked me to translate and publish special information I had (and have) on the feeding sequences of babies. Because babies enter some very special states during suckling: Alpha and Theta states and Bliss/Samadhi, every time they are allowed to drink and suckle as much as they want and not be disturbed. This helps them greatly to get grounded on earth. The nursing acts like a second umbelical cord.

The Light Beings asked me to do this, but I couldn't because of my situation! I told them that.
They said they would help me, and they did!
I got help in all kinds of ways and the material got translated and published in several magazines. And I lectured on it.

I can still feel these lovely Light Beings when, in this time, I am writing a book on all the things spiritual, emotional, hormonal an intuitively that we know so little about regarding conception, pregnancy, giving birth and the first nine months. Including the information on the feeding rhythms of babies....


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