Dream about moon goddess and "black-blue-Tsunami" - by Lester Due

I had this dream in October 14th 2020.

I'm in a place that reminds me of a beach, it's night, everything is pretty dark, I'm with other people, it looks like they are "commandos", they are taller than me, some are dark-skinned, they go as uniformed but they are uniforms that I do not know one of the details is that on their face (cheekbones) they have like rectangular marks of bright blue color on each side

This people look similar to this image

While we wait on the beach i make an "invocation", the mantra i use is "let the moon come", after saying it several times a female entity appears in the sky out of nowhere (it is very large, it has no person size, it has no physical consistency) and it delivers a ball the size of a soccer ball, the ball is like a miniature of the moon, the color it is dark gray

This image fits, but i saw "her" from the ground

Once we have the "moon" i call with whistles a group that is about 200 meters away from me, we meet and talk (I do not remember what we talked), i remember that they were about 3-4 people

I look out to sea, the color it's like very black and a voice comes from above and says "ENOUGH ENOUGH !!" and then begin to surface quite a few boats, the most notable is the TITANIC

This image disappears and there is a new one in which a dark blue/black "energetic" tsunami sweeps away all kinds of UFOs, which cannot withstand the "wave".

After a while there are all sorts of entities in zombified human form that are nothing but biological robots, they have no soul

The thing does not end here, at a specific moment I see in space an immense ship, it is not rectangular or oval or round, it reminds me of a mix of star-trek and futurama ships.

The ship is immense, his color it is dark-brown, around it has a lot of small ships moving around, there is a lot of movement, this ship at particular time emits a force, like a shield, that surrounds everything, the shield it is almost transparent with some golden reflections around and increases the speed of the ship

This "scene" changes and then i'm in other "scene"

I'm in a narrow place, is it like a small ship, how do I know I'm in a ship? because I have the space around me and i see the cockpit and some levers or similar), to my left i have one relative, I'm answering the questions she asks me, which are these:

-So will we all change?
+Not all, some

-And how long will the process take?
+In 3 minutes it is ready


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