Dreams of wars in space - by Sophie

I don’t remember the most of the details about my dreams. 

1. I was at a space station waiting in line, one person in front of me waiting in line in a corridor; two people guarding the door to the spaceport. Once in the spaceport I saw a craft, two people working on the craft.

2. I was at a space station in a viewing area and I saw a space wars taking place above a planet somewhere in the galaxy; the ship got destroyed by laser weapon and other type of futuristic weapons was being used in the space wars.

3. I was on a starship in some sort of command center and people was yelling or screaming so many noise and I heard the bang and I went blackout I know there people in the command center.

I had those dream before it is so real if there anyone out there want to come forward send me a email to SRD2000@protonmail.com or sdunn8860@gmail.com

by Sophie

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