Mothership-A Lucid Dream - by Laura Mamer

I feel a joyful anticipation. I am calm even though so many emotions are rushing through my physical body. It feels like I have traveled but to where? What will it be like? It is like I know where I am going but I am not there yet.

I am walking down the halls of a Mothership! I know this deep within me. I give myself over to the feelings of Love that is part of the loving energy, that is the Mothership and all who dwell on her.

I don’t want to stop smiling. Feelings of love from my soul family. A reassurance, a sense of being one with everyone here.

There is music playing which adds to my sense of calm and joy. I don’t know if everyone can hear it. Maybe it is telepathically being sent to me. I am grateful.

I can feel the love and acceptance of my guide. There is a happiness in the communication. I am offered areas that I may find interesting.

A beautiful garden where I may meditate anytime. Enjoy the animal and plant kingdoms who dwell there. Offer my service to tend to the garden or other areas if I wish.

There is a wonderful room where I might dance. An area to create music or art.

Areas where children and adults are gathered. Sharing and creating their ideas with one another.

Another area where I may further learn of Earth’s history and my soul’s journey.

I see a gathering of some of the Ascended Masters who are with us.

For a first “day” I do not feel tired, only a great anticipation for what is to come…


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