A Dream about Removal of Chimera Spiders - by arranparranra

In early July this year, I received messages when I was practicing connecting with my I Am Presence, that I was a member of Chimera spiders a few million years ago, but it didn't surprise me, like I'd known it all along. I was even a member of their leadership and I have committed uncountable crimes. I destroyed uncountable planets, designed the occult control program on the etheric planes of different planets and hosted the mass-torturing program. But later I joined the Light and trained as a member of 144,000.

Just two days later on July 11th, I had a dream with only two parts that I can recall. The first part was that I dreamt I was called on to help remove the spiders. I stayed beside a metal door, which were a few meters in height and about ten meters in width. A few people wearing battle suits with metallic lustre stood beside me, holding weapons on stand by. I waited anxiously and asked what they are doing. One of them replied: "Removing Chimera spiders". We moved round and round near that door, but we didn't enter it. During the second part, I was on the surface of this planet and I was walking on the street. The buildings had more futuristic styles than our ordinary ones. I heard people say: 'Wait, what you're saying? Chimera? It's gone now!" "Really?" "Yes, it's gone!" "Wow!"

2 days later Cobra announced that almost all underground spiders were gone.


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