Pleiadian landing - by LWStargazer

On Monday, May 4th, I've been seeing an image of Pleiadian landing in my mind throughout the day. The more I tried to focus on something else, as I've been working on some other things that day, the more this visualisation pressured me and I had trouble focusing because of that image being constantly beamed into my mind, so in the evening I decided to draw it, and then the pressure loosened up a bit. As I couldn't finish this painting that evening, they've been nudging me to finish as soon as I could.

The intention behind this image, if you resonate with it, is for all Starseeds and UFO enthusiasts to use it as best as it suits them for their visualisation of their personal first contact or to connect with Pleiadians or any other star races you would attribute this type of spacecraft with or the overall energy behind this image.

May the Event and First Contact happen soon!



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