My contact experience with Pleiadians and Ashtar Command in dream state - by Yaxi

I have many direct and undirect interaction experiences with aliens/UFOs in my dream state since I was little. They are charged with Love & Light energy to help me feel loved again. Before I was fully awakened, they show up in my dreams mostly as UFO light fleets, making me wonder the reason behind their appearance. Since the beginning of year 2019, I started to connect with them during dreams in a more direct way. (Within living memory I love dreams more than 3D experience because in my dream I could explore a totally different world. I also keep a diary to write down my dream experience since I notice that those memories, especially the ones charged with Love/Light are easily to be forgotten or erased.)

On April 16th 2019, in my dream that Cobra updated one entry about the First Contact. My parents and I were waiting patiently and determinedly for them. While waiting, the Pleiadians telepathically told me that “learning from Children and believing is seeing”. Finally, I saw moving pictures of galaxies which they projected on a glass screen. Then I sensed their energy which is so familiar, and I could not help bursting into tears.

Another dream I recently experienced is on 22nd August, where I was having a conversation with Ashtar Command face to face. I was chatting with 3~4 person in a chamber. Though I could not recall the details of our conversation, I still remember the feeling when I was surrounded by them. It is like catching up with old friends and we are all equal. All of a sudden, I woke up and the clock read 04:04 am.

Deep in my heart I want to have physical contact with our star family desperately. I used to think that they would reveal themselves to me abruptly. However, my dream experiences bring me some reflections: before we meet in person, I have to align my vibration with theirs, so that when the time is right, our physical contact will come very naturally. Now whenever I think about them, I feel a warm connection arising from my heart. I know they are with me all the time. Our five senses, which are tools for 3D experiences, could not perceive their existence. We have to keep increasing our vibrations in order to living our dream in physicality.

From Yaxi


  1. Thats awesome, Brother! I actually love going into dream state, it's renergizing for me.. The 3D quarantine life is quiet harsh and grey, it's basically a real life The Sims haha. Love and Light to you!
    This nightmare is almost over.
    Victory of the Light! ❤️👽

    1. I love dream more than reality life too <3


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