Family of Light - by Sada Nam

I'm being encouraged to share my spiritual experiences (and dreams) with you, as they may well resonate with some of you, or perhaps even assist you in connecting to your own Higher Self and Family of Light, if you haven't consciously done so already.

I have not shared any of these encounters or experiences before starting this blog, but now is the time for me to come out of closet. To step forward away from my comfort zone, and realise my soul purpose more fully. Information and knowledge is meant to be shared, and to put it simply, I have nothing else to lose now by acting upon Divine Will. My Higher Self and The Sage Faery want me to talk.


My first tangible spiritual experience as an adult, in about 2002, was being taken to the Central Sun, during sleep state... and then they awoke me! It was obviously a deliberate tactic, as I still felt the ultra ecstatic vibrations momentarily when I woke up. 

I was writhing for short a time, and afterwards I thought to myself that there is no way a human being could withstand and hold this type of high frequency orgasm. It would be impossible from a 3D perspective,  people would quite simply be unable to function. They'd be a blithering wreck, albeit a happy one.

I was reading Amorah Quan Yin's Pleiadian Workbook and Tantric Workbook around that time, and honestly, this experience really did put me off having sexual relations. Partly due to the important factor that I was with the wrong partner, but also because how could any other orgasm compare to that? 

It's only because I've been connecting with Goddess more closely again, that my sexual power has been reawakened.


My next remarkable encounter was in 2003, which I have already mentioned in another post on this blog (Full Circle).

During the night I had a visitation by a small electric blue Being of Light. This Light Being took on humanoid form, but was only around 3ft tall. I was fast asleep and felt a forceful and hard knuckle rap on my forehead, which awoke me immediately. 

When I opened my eyes I saw the amazing sight of this incredible blue Being of Light standing towards the base of my bed, giving me some space so as not to intimidate me I suspect. It must have also translocated further away from me, or used sheer intention to wake me, as the timing between the rap on my forehead and me opening my eyes was minimal.

This Light Being had no features as such, just a torso, head and limbs, and the electric blue Light emanating from this Being was so alive, and seemingly highly charged/electrical by nature, that it had no real defining perimeter to its form. They had taken on a humanoid shape, but did not seem limited to that. It was just for my benefit. 

I couldn't take my eyes of them, I was intrigued and fascinated, although quite scared as well, especially by what they did next. The encounter did not last long, as my humanoid visitor of Light then threw a ball of its electric blue energy directly at me, and I ducked under the duvet in a ridiculous attempt to save myself. 

I felt the effects of the energy immediately, and as I had tensed up to try and put up some sort of defence, I sensed that I needed to soften, relax and absorb as much of it as possible. It was a very loving and pure energy, and I fell back to sleep pretty quickly awards.

It was an amazing experience that I have never forgotten, or shared until recently. I have no feelings or guidance about this Being of Light, other than that it was probably an aspect of my future self, coming back to enable my awakening process even further.


Another mind blowing experience happened to me a fair few years later. I can't be sure but I think it was likely to be around 2010. I was living in a beautiful wooden lodge on the edge of Exmoor National Park, surrounded by ancient woodland, and with sheep as my neighbours. 

The woods were pretty magical and the undisturbed areas had a strong Faery presence. I reguarly walked my dog and rode my horse there. One day when I was in these woods, walking with my dog, he ran off on another path. I continued with my route, not worrying at all, as the woods were always pretty empty and he would come back.

A minute or so later, out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of the most magical thing I had ever seen... It was a diamond shaped opalescent Merkaba or Lightship. It was about 7 or 8 feet off the ground, and a maximum of approximately half a metre in diameter. I stood still to look more closely and give this beautiful entity my full attention. The Merkaba then stopped directly in front of me, and two small doors slid open.

I cannot tell you what happened next, as I simply can not recall it. I went into another realm. The communication did not happen on any conscious level. The frequency of this Being was too high. It was certainly from a much higher dimension, at least 5D, probably 6D,  or perhaps even higher than that.

When our contact was over, the diamond Lightship moved ever so slowly away from me, gliding through the trees back in the direction from whence it came. It was gently but powerfully pulsing a magnificent rainbow opalescent light, and then it disappeared. Through a portal, back to a higher realm.

Only once this Merkaba was was gone did my dog return. It was as if he had been guided to stay away, so as not to interrupt this important meeting of souls. I always felt Exmoor was a magical place to connect to the stars and the motherships, although I wasn't expecting to meet a ship so small.

It was possibly Arcturian, but I cannot be certain of that, and at that time I was following Patricia Cori and connecting to the Light of Sirius, as well as Arcturus. It was positively beautiful, wherever it was from, and must have been family to risk visiting me out in the open like that.


What these experiences show me, is that whilst we may connect more strongly to one Star Family than another, we are ultimately not from this galaxy at all. We have all come through the Galactic Central Sun, and other parts of ourselves are still residing there, in blissful far away realms. We have simply forgotten how powerful and angelic we truly are. We are magnificent Beings of Light, and we shall return Home. Realising our true multidimensional nature once again.

We are a beautiful Family of Light.
We are One. I AM that I AM.

By Sada Nam


  1. Wonderful experiences and my inner voice tells me they are true! You should think of a movie. It would help much more for those who are not able to visualize through words.


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