Dreams Leading To Wonderland - by Sada Nam

My first significant off planet dream, that I can consciously remember, occured in approximately 2003. Around a similar time as I encountered the electric blue Light Being (see Family of Light).

I had a very strong vision shown to me during sleep state: There were four of us standing by a large window in a mothership, looking down upon a colony of buildings which were being destroyed, attacked by other ships. I remember feeling very sad and solemn about this, but not scared in any way,  we were already in safety, the colony was empty, having already been evacuated. It was a very powerful memory and realisation that we were at war, and this was before I'd heard much about the dark forces (other than in Star Wars of course).

The people watching this scene with me were a close female soul sister, that I was friends with at that time, and two males whom I simply assumed to be our partners. I never really considered who those men were and the importance of them, but now I realise they were our twin souls.

A long period of not remembering my dreams occurred after this, and I often woke up feeling much more tired than before I had gone to sleep. I knew this was because of leaving my physical body and returning to the motherships at night, but it made the mornings oh so difficult, just like Groundhog Day in a way. 'Oh no I'm back here again', but, by the evening I would be back in a highly spiritual state again, talking with my guides and frequently having visions or receiving downloads... and then the following day it would start all over again.

I also chose not to remember my dreams as they could often be anxiety led; mostly about being chased or airplanes falling from the sky. However earlier this year my contact dreams became more vivid and prevalent. I needed to remember them.

In March, the night before I left for Cobra's Soul Family Conference in Budapest, I dreamt of seeing a fleet of motherships in the sky, followed closely behind by some positive military forces. I hid from them, but they were looking for me and found me. They wanted me to go public and be on television, but I refused. I'm pretty sure this wasn't the first time I'd been asked this, but the answer was always the same. I had always liked to hide in the closet, amidst imaginary safety.

The strange thing about this dream was that when they were seeking me out, and using a light to search for me, I actually felt the heat from this light on my arm, just as if it were real. Which it was. Physical contact had occurred.


At the time of this conference I had been having telepathic communication with the Pleiadians for quite a few months, which then intensified in December 2018, straight after I published my website. They had relayed messages about my twin soul last summer, then they wanted me to contact Cobra in the autumn, and then they wanted me to get myself to Budapest. The day before I left, as I sat down for lunch they said:
'No need to fear, Cobra is here.
No need to fear The Resistance are here!'

They didn't leave me alone until after I'd returned from the conference. As well as direct communication they had also used many song lyrics to convey messages, which frequently happened to me when I was much younger. I didn't mind, it was a good way to relay information, although I was not a fan of what I'd call crappy mainstream pop music, which they often chose. The last lyric I received as I left the conference was 'I believe in miracles'. I was happier about that one, it was a trendy rare groove number from back in the day. It was also very positive, but by this time I had had enough of being 'hacked'. It had been a stressful few months and I needed some quiet time once again.

It had all got a bit much, as huge life changes commenced as a result of the communications. Changes that I was not ready for, and that I'm still working on healing and letting go of. I still regret decisions that were made, but I was put in a tricky and precarious situation soon after my twin soul encounter in July 2018, so my Higher Self and the Pleiadians intervened... sacrifices were made to get me back on track.


In July I had a dream about the Hopi Blue Star Prophecy and contact with a mothership from Sirius, which I've written about in the above post on my blog. It was an early and significant sign that the Event is coming soon, and I've seen many more synchronicities about the Event since then, a crazy amount really. 

In early August I dreamt about seeing a mothership hiding in the clouds (Positive Signs). I noticed the distinct cloud formation it was creating and pointed this out to a friend. As soon as I did this, the ship decloaked right in front of us.

At the end of August I was taken to Wonderland, into the future. I was with a guide, in a beautiful location, and being sensitive to energy the feeling of the place was just astonishing. Blissfully filled with love, and absorbingly wonderful. The message they wanted me to remember and relay to you is that... 'The energy is so good here!'

The following evening I must have connected with the Pleiadians again, as a vivid image of a female Pleiadian was in my mind as I awoke, a sure sign.

In mid September I had a dream that I met up with my twin soul at a party in a hotel. He had gone there with someone else, but after we saw each other we ended up leaving together. We were then walking along a road at night, side by side, feeling incredibly happy to be together once again. A mothership openly passed us overhead, and I had a strong sensation that 'I knew this would happen with you'.

Logically these dreams seem to be following a linear timeline, both pre and post Event. They are leading us to the future, and what will occur following our liberation, when the war is finally over!

As we know the motherships are here all above us, and contact is already being made. Telepathic communication with both 'Upstairs' and 'Downstairs' will only increase from here on in. There are many signs that the Event is coming very soon. The most positive ascension timeline is unfolding right now. It is being unveiled. We are creating it, together.

After the compression breakthrough:

Motherships will begin to decloak 🛸

We shall reunite physically with our twin souls, and experience true happiness ☯️

The motherships will openly fly in the skies above us 🛸

And possibly best of all...

The vibration on our planet will simply be amazing! 💫

We shall be free, and heaven on earth will be made manifest. Wonderland is coming!

Beloved Gaia and all her children WILL be bathed in the ultimate LIGHT of the Central Sun, and the all encompassing LOVE of Source.

Victory of the Light!

Sada Nam